Vignettes from a Lifetime of Travel

B is for Bora Bora


I just always loved the name – it was the most exotic place I could imagine (although I’d no idea where it actually was!).   In 2004 we were planning a trip to Australia and looking at flight options.   We could return as we went out – through Asia,  or go home via the US with a stopover in Tahiti.   And there it was – this tiny 12 square mile dot less than an hour’s flight from Papeete.   We rejigged the budget,  found the least expensive over water bungalows on the island and booked 4 nights in paradise.

There’s no way you’d ever doze off on this plane!   You wouldn’t want to miss one second as the flight path takes you over reefs and lagoons.   And then the approach to Bora Bora itself!   The dormant volcano of Mount Otemano dominates the tiny island so the airport is actually located on one of the separate islets that ring the lagoon.   As we landed,  we could see the ground staff playing boules as they awaited the plane.   No need for heavy mechinisation here… the luggage trolley was trundled over and quickly loaded as we received our welcome shell leis.   And the taxi rank?  –  a row of boats of course,  waiting to transfer everyone either directly to their resort or across the lagoon to Vaitape -the largest settlement on the island.

And then …. Bliss!!

Scan_20190226 (3)(View from the plane)


Scan_20190226(Our taxi approaching Viatape)


scan_20190226-5.png(Our home for 4 days)


scan_20190226-2-1-1.png(Heading off….)


scan_20190226-4.png(Wave for the camera!)







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  1. I don’t know when you wrote this (can’t see a date on it) so it may be very old or just one that you thought of during Covid! At any rate, I saw the title while looking at your new Crete piece and clicked on it because it reminded me of how we did something similar from Australia but we went to Samoa, Fiji and Tonga, cancelling our return via Los Angeles where we’d planned a 5-day stopover. As you say, paradise, and I’ll never forget it. Samoa was my favourite. I’d love to have got to Bora Bora but we had to stop the cash flow somewhere. As it was, we extended our holiday by two weeks, drunk with pleasure and not minding if we ended up penniless!

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