Vignettes from a Lifetime of Travel

D is for Dirty Dancing – Country Style!

Firstly,  setting the scene:  USA ⇒Wyoming ⇒Jackson Hole ⇒ Million Dollar Cowboy Bar ⇒Saturday Night.   We’re in town for a few days hiking in Grand Teton National Park en route to Yellowstone.   We’ve had something to eat and pick a bar for a drink on our way back to the motel.   We hum and haw over the $5 cover charge – we’re not staying that long – but pay up anyway and head inside.

There are saddle stools along the bar.  We perch on two and order our drinks but the band is starting up and there’s a free table overlooking the dance floor so we grab it.

And what a ‘show’!!!  Jiving?  Country Swing?  I don’t know what you’d call it but the energy on that dance floor – Ive never seen anything like it!   Most of the dancers were local – they all knew each other and swapped partners frequently.  It was mesmerizing – almost steamy at times but nothing you’d need to turn a hose on!  Whenever I think of it I’m reminded of the staff party at the beginning of ‘Dirty Dancing’.

And then there was that guy! – black boots,  black jeans,  black cowboy shirt,  black stetson.   So now I’m thinking ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and Tony Manero!   He owned the floor.   And he worked the room – just held out his hand and the women came!  But no female got to dance too much with him.   This guy wasn’t looking for romance – he was just here to dance.

And yes – we did finally venture onto the dance floor,  tucked ourselves into a corner and did our thing!  But alas,  the man in black didn’t come looking for me with his outstretched hand!

3197115365_43d70f5a1f_z(Bar stools – Million Dollar Cowboy Bar)


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  1. Sounds like Johnny Cash could have made an appearance at any minute!Must have been wonderful!

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