Remind me -Why do I do this??!! Antidote

April 25th

Placencia, Belize.


Flight Time 12.00 midday

Taxi Pickup 11.30am!

Journey to airport 5 minutes.

Baggage handler strolls out to meet us.  Hands us 2 baggage tickets.

I’ll take your bags now and put them on the plane.

We check in,  take our boarding passes and sit at ‘the gate’.  There’s a coffee pot and water for passengers’ use.

Another couple arrives and that’s it – its a 14 seater but only 4 passengers travelling from Placencia.

11.55am –  Ground staff member comes in and strolls over to us.

What colour boarding pass you got there?

M/T. Red

He takes 3 steps to the door and makes his announcement:

Red boarding passes boarding now.

The 4 of us head off and take our seats on the plane.  The captain turns around:

Seat belts please.  And we’ll be flying over the sea so safety belts are under your seat.

12.00 Take off.

Now why can’t it always be like that!







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