70 reasons to visit Belize!

1. ColourDSC_5343 (1).JPG

2. Mayan CivilisationDSC_4854 (1)

3. Belikin BeerDSC_5232 (1)

4. Big Birds…20190423_114539

5…and Little Birds20190422_072150.jpg

6. Big Animals…DSC_5010.JPG

7…and Small Animals (ok -maybe not this guy! [tarantula in its nest!])20190421_082531.jpg

8. Sunsets20190415_181747.jpg

9. Sunrises20190425_060223.jpg

10. Rasta Colours20190418_101551-EFFECTS.jpg

11. Party Beaches…20190417_135952.jpg

12… or Empty Beaches20190422_152435.jpg

13. Fishing…DSC_5355 (1).JPG

14… or Eating Fish…20190420_133458

15…or Looking at Fish20190423_120735

16. Small Airports20190419_113943.jpg

17. Friendly People20190417_161545.jpg

18. Great Accommodation20190424_085215.jpg

19. Rum Cocktails20190423_193302

20. Cookery Lessons20190415_114457.jpg

21. Water taxis20190417_173519.jpg

22. MarketsDSC_5341 (1)

32. Wide Rivers…DSC_4730 (1).JPG

24…and Narrow RiversDSC_5514 (1).JPG

25. Mennonite Culturedsc_5146-1.jpg

26. FruitDSC_5365.JPG

27. HammocksDSC_5008 (1).JPG

28. Lego Houses20190419_113653.jpg

29. Reggae20190418_102434.jpg

30. Fried Chicken20190417_211411

31. Exotic Plants20190415_080201-EFFECTS.jpg

32. WaterfallsDSC_5516.JPG

33. Warm Clear Water20190423_081031

34. Deserted Islands20190423_124040.jpg

35. Reefs20190419_110232.jpg

36. Car FerriesDSC_5530 (1).JPG

37. Hot Tubs with a View20190418_153322.jpg

38. Marie Sharpe’s Hot Sauce20190424_121635.jpg

39. Cycling20190425_105634

40. River Swimming20190421_144628.jpg

41. Guided Tours…IMG_20190415_103900051.jpg

42…Or off on your ownIMG_20190416_094205326

43. Nachos20190414_123132.jpg

44. Swimming Pools20190419_100954

45. Seaweed Punch20190424_114637.jpg

46. Self Driving!20190417_160626.jpg

47. Rural TownsDSC_5404 (1).JPG

48. Jungle LodgesDSC_4965 (1)

49. Water Activities20190425_085141

50. Coastal ResortsDSC_5218 (1)

51. Night ToursDSC_4781 (1)

52. Street FoodDSC_5334 (1)

53. Colourful Bars…20190423_193320

54…and Restaurants…20190424_113808

55…and Coffee Shops20190424_122142.jpg

56. Art…20190424_113203

57…and Craft20190417_140527

58. BeansDSC_5335 (1)

59. Village ChurchesDSC_5153 (1)

60. Coconut Waterdsc_5074.jpg

61. MuralsDSC_5409 (1).JPG

62. SpicesDSC_5347 (1)

63. Coral20190423_124708

64. Nature TrailsDSC_5501 (1)

65. Sea Breezes20190424_085054

66. Fry Jacks20190416_083056

67. Colourful BusesDSC_5358 (1).JPG

68. Sun WorshippersDSC_5456 (1).JPG

69. Places to chill…DSC_4809 (1)

70…and Places for ReflectionDSC_4794 (1)

If there’s nothing above that catches your attention,  then,  I’m sorry to say,  but Belize might not be for you!!



30 thoughts on “70 reasons to visit Belize!

    1. I need to do a bit of housekeeping on my home page!! Alas, we had to cancel at last minute – we were in Malaga for a weekend 2 weeks before the Morocco trip and Tom was admitted to hospital for 10 days with an infection – so that was that. Might try and go in March/April … hadn’t planned on Western Sahara – we only had a week but might have more time in the spring and plan it a bit better. Have you been there?

      1. that’s too bad. hope Tom’s ok now. i haven’t been there. but it’s one of a few countries in my ‘unfinshed business’ list. i would suggest you check out the security situation there before going though. stay safe, Marie!

    1. I’m shocked Michael!!!! Reading through all your posts I thought you’d been everywhere!!!!😂 Well I’ve no doubt but that you certainly will make it some time. ✈️

    1. I think I set out with ’20 reasons to visit Belize’ but I kept adding more and more – didn’t want to leave anything out! If you like tropical islands well this is similar really but with a great ancient culture thrown in. I want to go back!!!!

  1. What a fantastic post, Marie! Belize sounds and looks amazing. 70 reasons right here why I liked it more than anything I’ve read today😊.

    1. Ah thank you!! Have to admit that I flick through it myself on occasion if I need cheering up!….. all that colour and sunshine!

  2. Wonderful! Belize has been on our list for the longest time. There’s too many wonderful places to go! Not enough vacation days. But glad I can live through you 🙂

    1. I know!!! Not to mention all the lost time this past 18 months or whatever! Well I hope you get there some day – well worth it no matter what sort of holiday you like – I think it pretty much ticks all the boxes so you can’t go wrong!

      1. An educational program in the States, a number of years ago teaching geography in a “fun new way”. the program’s title was: WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SAN DIEGO? Belize was mentioned in the program’s theme song.

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