The Masterpiece that is Arizona’s Antelope Canyon

Forget the Grand Canyon!  I might even be tempted to bounce Bryce Canyon down to 2nd place on my American favourites list!   Antelope Canyon stole the show for me on a recent trip to South West USA.

We didn’t even get a good day!  All the fuss about booking the right time for light beams – and it rained!  The sun came out for a bit so we did ok in the end.


This is the landscape:



Up close, the sandstone looks brittle:



And there’s the canyon!



Antelope Canyon is a SLOT CANYON.   Water finds it way into a crack and wears away the sandstone.   Sandstorms scour the canyon walls into wave-like structures.dsc_8494.jpg


The canyon is on Navajo land.  You cannot visit it independently – you must use a licenced tour operator.



You’ll feel very small!



The route is just over a mile or so but the canyon is ‘v’ shaped so you end up close to the starting point.

DSC_8591 (1)


There is a little bit of climbing….

IMG_20190731_142037 (1)


….and a little bit of squeezing….

IMG_20190731_144646 (1)


….but its worth it!!!
























Back on earth!!





Small Stuff


There are 2 tour options – Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon – they are several miles apart.  We visited Lower Canyon.

We booked the Dixie Ellis Canyon Tour.   At time of reservation (beginning April) for a tour at the end of July –  (4 months),  there was very limited availability left.  SO BOOK EARLY!

We paid $109.20 for 2 adults.

The canyon may be prone to flash flooding which closes the facility.   The rain does not have to be local – heavy showers upstream can quickly flood the passageway.

There is a steep stairway into Lower Canyon.   Upper Canyon is more accessible and shorter.

No bags, backpacks,  waist pouches,  etc. allowed – leave them in the car.

Don’t forget the camera!!



17 thoughts on “The Masterpiece that is Arizona’s Antelope Canyon

  1. Marie! I’m just loving your blog! You are a complete natural!! Have you been everywhere??? Your photos of the canyon are mesmerising!

  2. My wife and I were just there in spring. Our tour guide made a big difference in making our tour magical. We also like it’s location near Page.

  3. Our favourite stop from our 2018 canyons trip. So beautiful and riding there in the back of a pickup truck….I mean, come on…does it get any better? Stay well Marie. Allan

    1. It was such a discovery – truly amazing – although I’m a bit put out that I didn’t get going in a pick-up!!!

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