The Masterpiece that is Arizona’s Antelope Canyon

Forget the Grand Canyon!  I might even be tempted to bounce Bryce Canyon down to 2nd place on my American favourites list!   Antelope Canyon stole the show for me on a recent trip to South West USA.

We didn’t even get a good day!  All the fuss about booking the right time for light beams – and it rained!  The sun came out for a bit so we did ok in the end.


This is the landscape:



Up close, the sandstone looks brittle:



And there’s the canyon!



Antelope Canyon is a SLOT CANYON.   Water finds it way into a crack and wears away the sandstone.   Sandstorms scour the canyon walls into wave-like structures.dsc_8494.jpg


The canyon is on Navajo land.  You cannot visit it independently – you must use a licenced tour operator.



You’ll feel very small!



The route is just over a mile or so but the canyon is ‘v’ shaped so you end up close to the starting point.

DSC_8591 (1)


There is a little bit of climbing….

IMG_20190731_142037 (1)


….and a little bit of squeezing….

IMG_20190731_144646 (1)


….but its worth it!!!
























Back on earth!!





Small Stuff


There are 2 tour options – Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon – they are several miles apart.  We visited Lower Canyon.

We booked the Dixie Ellis Canyon Tour.   At time of reservation (beginning April) for a tour at the end of July –  (4 months),  there was very limited availability left.  SO BOOK EARLY!

We paid $109.20 for 2 adults.

The canyon may be prone to flash flooding which closes the facility.   The rain does not have to be local – heavy showers upstream can quickly flood the passageway.

There is a steep stairway into Lower Canyon.   Upper Canyon is more accessible and shorter.

No bags, backpacks,  waist pouches,  etc. allowed – leave them in the car.

Don’t forget the camera!!



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  1. Marie! I’m just loving your blog! You are a complete natural!! Have you been everywhere??? Your photos of the canyon are mesmerising!

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