Vignettes from a Lifetime of Travel

P is for Photos

There’s a hole in my life.  I have lost all photographic evidence from several amazing places I’ve had the privilege of visiting.

I’m ok up until 2007 – before then,  photos were usually printed after trips.   And I’m ok from 2015 when I finally got my act together.  But,  in between – a void – nothing.   I can account for a few gaps – in Jordan in 2010,  I turned on my camera to take a photo at the Dead Sea – and deleted everything from the previous few days – Petra,  Wadi Rum,  Madaba…. I cried for an hour.   In 2012,  In Laos,  the camera fell into the Nam Song river – we’ve just a few photos from Luang Prebang.

Apart from those two cases,  the rest I blame on technology – photos saved onto laptops that died and were dumped,  memory cards that must have been wiped.  I’m regularly told – ‘Ah – they’ll turn up – they must be somewhere’.  But I don’t think so.  So I’ve nothing for Newfoundland,  Wyoming,  Rajasthan,  Varanasi,  Sri Lanka,  Krakow,  Mosel Valley,  Black Forest,  Ravenna….  I’ll have to go back!

And speaking of photos – something else has cropped up.  Since starting this blog,  our ‘capsule’ travel wardrobe is beginning to show up rather frequently!!  It never mattered until I started putting up photos because no one ever saw them.  I’m just saying it in case you’ve noticed!!  I want you to know that I know!! (Of course,  now that I’ve drawn attention to it,  you’re going to examine everything I wear from now on!!!)


Someone buy that guy a t-shirt!!!


And before he seeks revenge….!!

(My favourite t-shirt should have its own passport!)


16 thoughts on “Vignettes from a Lifetime of Travel

  1. I can relate to both your points. In the days when we took only slides, I delivered 3 cassettes of Kodak ?? (the ones that could be developed anywhere) to Boots to be developed and they were destroyed because they tried to develop them as prints! Then my computer went on the blink before I’d got round to saving a few months’ work to disc, and recently I had my camera stolen at the end of the holiday.

    With regard to clothing, I seem to have a ‘holiday wardrobe’ that I get out every time I go away, it varies from ‘hot, hot weather’ to ‘chilly to normal weather’ but it’s the same gear and everyone must think I have nothing in the wardrobe.

    1. Ouch – you’ve certainly had similar bad luck. For me the biggest loss is that some of the missing photos were taken on the last of the trips we took as a family unit – so can’t get that back even if I return to the same places.

      We should swap wardrobes!!

  2. You might try then to combine a theme with several trips from previous vacations.I’m starting to go this way with a similar memory gap of travel problem

    1. Good idea – when I started writing I thought photos would just be a secondary feature to support the piece but I learned very quickly that they are intrinsic to the story so I’ll have to find a way around it.

  3. Marie,
    I’m sure others have offered but I would gladly send you some of my photos from Petra and Wadi Rum. Some without people may be close to your memories

      1. Ok. As you know, I am on the road until November. My photos are on the desktop back home. I can send a couple as a test then and see if they can be adopted. If so, can send more

  4. I hate it when I blindly click yes on my camera and only after that, realize that I have deleted everything on the camera. Lately, the other thing happening is that I dislodge the memory stick, when plugging the battery back into the camera, but do not realize it until I get home after having shot 80-100 sensational photos. I just have to be more careful, I guess. It is a far cry from getting back from a vacation in analogue days to realize that the film had never been wound on the spool or that I forgot to rewind it before opening the camera back. As humans, we will make mistakes, no matter the format and we will hate ourselves for it. Stay well Marie. Allan

    1. I’m REALLY missing those photos nowadays as I’ve no new destinations to write about!

      I’d forgotten about rewinding the film!!! Ah the good old days!!!! 😅 😂 🤣

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