Delving into Bruge – All about Chocolate!

Purely in the interest of research,  I took myself off to ‘Choco Story Brugge’ – yet another niche museum,  this time dedicated obviously to all things chocolate.   The biggest attraction,  I’m (almost) ashamed to admit,   was the lure of free samples – as if there wasn’t enough to try in the dozens of shops around town!

You are presented with a bar of chocolate with your ticket – that’s a good start!!!   Once inside,  you can spend as long as you wish on the following….


  • Immersing yourself in the 4000 year history of chocolate,  from the Mayans onward.

  • Examining exhibits which show equipment and molds used in production.

  • Watching a movie which follows production from the cocao plant to the factory line.

  • Finding out why Belgian chocolate is so good (Basically,  chocolate laws restrict ingredients to natural products – cocoa butter,  cocoa solids,  sugar,  milk).

  • VERY IMPORTANTLY – checking out the health benefits of chocolate!!!

  • In the demonstration centre,  watching praline-filled chocolates being made by a chocolatier before sampling the product.

  • Photographing the great chocolate sculptures.

  • Helping yourself at the chocolate stations which dispense milk,  white and dark discs in case energy levels should lag!



















DSC_0308 (1)








DSC_0317 (1)



Small Stuff


Opening Hours– 10.00a.m. – 5.00p.p.m. (6.00p.m. July/August)

Entrance Fee – €9.50 (combination ticket available for Freit Museum)






11 thoughts on “Delving into Bruge – All about Chocolate!

  1. No shame in admitting that most likely you’ll find me at ‘all you can eat’ stations, after all, the best way to learn everything there is to know about chocolate is to sample as many as you can 😂

  2. I never miss a chocolate factory wherever I may be. I’m still recovering from the one I went to in Austria (following on from a visit to a Schnapps distillery).

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