Hotel Stay – Lough Erne Resort

I got one step closer last week to a wish list fulfillment…..

My wonderful friends gave me a birthday gift voucher for the Lough Erne Resort in County Fermanagh – (I’d 2 counties left in Ireland to sleep in!!) I was so impressed that they (well – one of them at least!) had paid such attention to my blog and remembered the detail…

Despite the voucher being valid until August,  and a rotten weather forecast,  I decided that this was the week – and off we went.  It rained for the full 2 hour drive from Dublin,  it rained for most of the evening and night,  easing on occasion to a miserable drizzle.  We woke up to glimpses of blue sky which gave way to heavy snow showers!

But that’s not the hotels’ fault!!


The resort is located just a few minutes drive from Enniskillen.   It is home to a Nick Faldo designed golf course and was the site of the G8 summit in 2013.   The approach is through the golf club and past resort lodges and villas to the main house.





Accommodation options include rooms,  suites and lodges scattered close to the main building.  We were upstairs with a lovely view of the lake.



The reception rooms and public areas are traditional in decor…



There is a variety of dining options, ranging from bar food to formal dining.   We treated ourselves to dinner in the Catalina Restaurant.

We started with roasted quail breast and smoked eel…

….followed by duck and beef…

…and finished with some chocolate heaven and cheese!


The place is supposedly famous for its breakfasts and it didn’t disappoint…

The usual spread was on offer – fruit,  cereals,  cold counter,  breads,  and of course a hot section ( bacon,  sausage,  etc) which didn’t look as though it had been sitting there for hours!  Once directed to our table,  we were given fresh orange juice and there was a menu if we didn’t want the buffet… haddock,  Eggs Benedict,  smoked salmon….


There are walks from the hotel….


….and there is a choice of 2 golf courses….


….or you can stay put and enjoy the leisure facilities..



Thanks again to my pals for the treat!  

8 thoughts on “Hotel Stay – Lough Erne Resort

  1. What an amazing place to relax for a few days, despite the bad weather. I love to travel, but I love staycations too. I personally think that staycations don’t get the credit they deserve. If you plan it visely it can even feel like a proper vacation, especially when you are saving on airfare and get a chance to splurge! Thanks for sharing, Marie, and have a good day. Aiva

  2. What lovely friends you have, would they like another? Hotel looks delightful and I’ve added it to my list of hotels I’d like to stay in in Ireland on my next visit. I’m sure the food was great but judging by the pictures the kitchen falls down on lack of vegetables. It seems to be the case nowadays; I long for some really nice broccoli or cabbage or something green, set off with maybe something orange or red, but no, all I get is a couple of florets of cauliflower or broccoli. I have grown used to only being able to eat half the meat dish as I just can’t get through it without something to help the meat along. With fish I have less of a problem, but I love my veggies and for that reason I usually vote for breakfast only in the hotel.

    1. I know what you mean – the veg is often condensed to a scraping of puree across the plate! However, in this case we did get a side dish of veg so had plenty. There is also bar food served and seems to be another restaurant in high season so I’m glad to say that there are options to the dining room available.

    1. Yes – aren’t they great … I’m forwarding the rest of my wish list to them so they can start saving!!! It was a lovely place to stay.

    1. Yes – and just a few hours from Dublin so we didn’t have to travel too far … and no airports which was a bonus!!

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