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W is for Weather


Bring your togs‘ says she – ‘its lovely in South Carolina at this time of year… nothing heavy – maybe something for the evenings‘.   A few days before we travel…. ‘We’re having some kind of weather episode – you’ll need warm clothes… bring layers… and a raincoat… and scarf and gloves…. sorry’.   Ah!  Well that’s more like it isn’t it.

No real surprise – my travels always been dogged by bad weather.  I don’t complain (much) with minus temperatures at new year.  I can handle flight cancellations due to snowstorms and boat cancellations due to hurricanes.  I cover up for sandstorms and stop driving in heavy fog.  But rain!!  It always finds me!  I  expect rain in the tropics – or Europe.   But Morocco,  Oman,  Arizona (in their driest seasons!) – now that’s not fair.

Like half the country (and possible the planet) I’m using my social distancing time to declutter.  Clearing shelves yesterday,  I came across my old Douglas Adams books – and that was it – my EUREKA moment!  I know why it always rains on me!

Meet Rob McKenna.  He’s a truck driver and it ALWAYS rains on him.  He has identified 231 types of rainfall e.g. 33 =light pricking drizzle which made the road slippery,  100 = post-downpour squalling, cold,  17 = a dirty blatter battering against the windscreen so hard that it doesn’t matter whether the wipers are on or off….  He is always miserable and has lousy holidays.

BUT the reason its always raining is that he is in fact a Rain God and the clouds follow him around in adoration!

So that’s it – I’m a Rain Goddess!!!

Rob ends up making a lucrative career out of it –  getting paid to stay away from the holiday resorts and paid to visit drought stricken areas!


So I’m open to all offers!!


20170909_112249(Superheros! – San Sebastian,  September 2017)

18 thoughts on “Vignettes from a lifetime of Travel

  1. Weather is merely the choice of appropriate clothing. There are parts of our year at home when we have 3 or 4 coats in our entry closet, the better to choose from. Sometimes bad weather even brings good surprises, like the heavy rain at Milford Sound NZ that made the mountains come alive with thousands of waterfalls. But, yes, rain does slow one down. Stay well Marie. Allan

    1. You’re right Allan about clothing – the weather doesn’t matter if you’re dressed for it. But I hate rain when I travel – I’ve enough here at home!!!! I can handle the odd shower as long as I can feel the sun on my face immediately afterwards!!!

    1. There are plenty of us out there who are absolutely convinced we are jinxed when it comes to weather!!!
      Thanks for dropping by Maggie /Richard… hope ye are keeping well.

  2. PLEASE let me know your next destination and when you are planning to visit. I will make sure not to be there at the time. Meantime, I wish you all the best on your hols, of course.

    1. Ha – think I’ll tell myself at the same time!!! At this stage Mari, rain is the least of our problems you must agree….
      Mind yourself. XXXMarie

  3. We are always jinxed when it comes to weather too, at least for the past few years. You name it, from southern Spain to Morocco, if we are there, it rains! Thanks for sharing Marie and I hope all is well with you and your family 😊 Aiva

    1. Thanks for that Aiva – I’d settle for a bit of rain in Morocco now!!! So far so good here…. And hope all is good in the West

    1. Thanks for dropping by Carol … they must be heading into their winter soon? I know you were going to spend a few months there – are you sticking with you plan?

      1. Well, things are more than a little unsettled at the moment. We’re trying to get back to the U.S. on Saturday (6 weeks earlier than our original plans), but that’s turning out to be a challenge. We’re scrambling but hopefully we’ll be on that plane from Auckland to the U.S.!

      2. A huge disappointment after all the planning but there’ll be other times…. I hope you get that flight … I’m sure that at this stage you just want to get home. Best of luck with your travels.

  4. How funny, maybe you should join me on my travels! I’ve had the occasional bit of rain but generally I’m pretty lucky when I travel and, even if it’s cold, it usually stays dry at least.

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