Some day this will all be yours!!

It’ll go straight to the dump‘ is the usual response when I remind my ‘pride and joy’ that I am bequeathing him my collection of travel mugs!    I’m just not feeling the love!


As my attempts at decluttering will continue for at least another 3 weeks,  its time to tackle this ‘display’!



To be honest its actually more of a safety issue.  Its practically impossible to open those presses now without something falling from above.   A few precious gems have shattered and gone to travel mug heaven.





Now what!!!



I could count them…


174 – Not bad!

I could wash them…. naw!   Life’s too short – even during lockdown!

I could sort them.   Bottles- cups – glasses – cans – misc….



Or sort into materials (I know – once a teacher….!) glass – ceramic – plastic – paper – metal



Or – sort according to continent!  I like that one!


Europe has the most,  as expected – and we’ve traveled a lot in the US (don’t worry Canada,  there’s a shot glass tucked in at the back) .  But the rest isn’t too bad – Central US,  Africa,  Asia and Oceania all represented.


Ah – this was the first in the collection.   Barbados 1984.   (This wasn’t our first trip though… so I’ve nothing for Turkey,  Sweden,  Greece, East Berlin,   Israel….)



We started with mugs – but eventually copped on!  Apart from storage problems,  they’re really a waste of money.



So we looked for other options:















If that doesn’t work we go small and cheap:



But sometimes its worth splashing out…



Some arrived via Xmas markets…



….not to mention amusement parks.



So there you have it.   Now who wouldn’t love to inherit that lot!


Hhmm… all I have to do now is put them back up!



Have a look at what else the lucky guy is going to inherit:

I can’t dump those old holiday tshirts

♫♪♫ Oh Christmas Tree…♬♪♪


31 thoughts on “Some day this will all be yours!!

  1. We collect fridge magnets! Our main fridge/freezer is now covered and we’ll have to start on the beer (and wine) fridge in the garage next time we collect any (when we can resume travels of course!). Looks like time well spent at home. My husband is keen to declutter too … I’m dragging my heels a bit!

    1. Well sounds like we all have plenty more declutter time unfortunately. Now that you mention it – I’ve a few magnets as well….mmmmm…. watch this space!!!

      1. Yes it is certainly a good opportunity to declutter. I sorted through clothes today and re-organised a few things now that the seasons are changing!

  2. I’ve never been keen on decluttering my travel souvenirs. Although I don’t by one particular kind, I’ve managed to gather a fair amount of little trinkets. I keep everything you can imagine – from postcards and maps to ticket stubs and old receipts. Thanks for sharing and have a good day, Marie 😊

    1. Ah you should see this place with stubs, receipts….. I don’t dump anything and bring every single bit of paper home. I do put them together in a polly pocket or something and then in a box … bulky though!!

    1. I was looking at the top of the press before I put them back and just thinking about all the stuff that could be stored up there!

  3. Might you have a little drink problem Marie 😱, made me regret not doing something similar, then I thought , nah, photos are easy to store !
    Loved the post , stay well !

    1. Come on Jim… we’ve polished off more than that on a half decent night out!!! I’m with you on the photos though – and haven’t forgotten our photo outing – hopefully we’ll manage it soon enough. Mind yourselves.. XXXMarie

  4. My collections now reside in digital photo files, so only virtual sorting required. Oh, and the offspring do not want them in this form either. One man’s trash………….Stay well Marie. Allan

      1. Yes. Still have the old photos, because my beloved will not yet let me toss them. Now that all photos are digital, I do not have to worry about carrying the 45 photo albums up the stairs if there is a fire. I have all of them backed up on passport drives in my Bank SDB.

  5. I wonder if someone felt the same 100 years ago … when an ungrateful offspring trashed an unwanted ‘heirloom’, and it turned up recently on the Antiques Road Show?

    (My wife inherited a ‘dressing table trinket set’ from her mother … we haven’t even got a dressing table! But, she can’t bring herself to get rid of it, even though it’s monstrous ugly! )

    1. I suppose I could try the money angle with him!!

      Ah your wife is right – there’s no way she’ll ever dump the set – you’re stuck with it!

  6. Wow! You sure have some collection there. I’m not a collector of anything but books and always manage to find some even on holiday in strange places and I couldn’t imagine making room for such as you have there, but I do have a few bits and bobs from ‘special’ places. I can match your Pat O’Brien’s glass as I did get one from there because it was a very special holiday and I have one from Aggie Grey’s in Samoa for the same reason and one from an obscure bar in Laos. And that’s it. I used to collect cocktail sticks after our first holiday in the USA (Hawaii) when they seemed so exotic but when I moved house they had to go. Good luck with your cleaning, washing, sorting etc.

    1. They really do take up a lot of space. I considered briefly yesterday whether I should box them and move them to the attic…. but what would be the point in that! So they’re back in place. But right now, wouldn’t it be wonderful to think that I could add to the collection so time soon!!

    1. It was nice rooting through them …. some were tucked away at the back and hadn’t seen the light of day for years..

  7. Great (and funny) commentary on decluttering and what to do with all your old travel memories – I have been taking photos of mine (mostly rocks and beer glasses and coasters) and trying to dispose of them, sort of….

    1. Ah you can’t get rid of them!!! That defeats the whole point of lugging them home!!! Good idea to take photos though.. make some sort of record. Too late to do it with my mugs – they’re back on the shelf gathering dust for at least another decade!!

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