32 thoughts on “Where in the World?

  1. It’s great and it’s grand, what a lovely strand. OK, it’s doggerel but I couldn’t resist it knowing that the Irish use the word strand (as well as the Germans, I think)?

    1. Yes we use strand a lot but I always associate it more with a sandy beach. Can’t help you with the German bit though Marie – I don’t stretch much past ‘ein bier bitte’ !!!

  2. Carpe diem. Great to have such an amenity on your doorstep especially now . I hope yourself and himself stay safe and well. Not to mention the heir apparent.

    1. All doing ok Bar ….but surviving by not thinking beyond today…. You must miss hugs from the 2 little guys….
      Stay safe and hopefully we’ll meet up soon … there’ll be one serious party…..

  3. Lucky you! I have a choice between a housing estate, a building site and a trading park. At least, we don’t have a limit; if the cops stop you, it’s up to them to decide what’s ‘reasonable’!

    1. I’ve actually nice walks in 3 directions – so I remind myself to appreciate it whenever I start to moan about the routine. Hope you’re doing ok … I know you’d a big trip planned for later in the year but can’t remember if its sooner or later….

      1. Borneo; was plannad for May, but it was cancelled, and we were given the option of receiving a refund or postponing till September. We took the September one … but if that cancels, we shall take the refund, because our travel insurance runs out in October, and I’m not renewing until we can definitely travel again..

      2. A lot could have changed by September. Actually that’s a good point about holiday insurance – i must check ours.

        Take Care. XXXMarie

  4. I miss Dublin and surrounding beaches! It’s been sunny for three weeks straight in Sligo. Couldn’t ask for more. Sunshine is enough to make me happy these days. Thanks for sharing and take care ❤️ Aiva

    1. Hi Pam – Yes, Dublin is on the Irish Sea (as opposed to the west coast which is on the Atlantic). There are some lovely beaches on this side of the country.

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