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This is Annie Moore with her brothers.   The piece was sculpted by Jeanne Rhynhart.

Annie,  aged 18 yrs,   left Ireland for the US in 1891 on the Nevada steamship.   She traveled with her brothers aged 12yrs and 15yrs.   She was the first emigrant ever processed at Ellis Island (New York).

This statue of Annie and her brothers stands outside the Heritage Centre in County Cork,  Ireland – her port of departure.






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8 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday

  1. I love this one which I also photographed on my last trip to Ireland. I must look it out, I think yours looks much better with the flowers lending that lovely burst of colour. I was there in February and there wasn’t a lot of colour then.

    1. Well just for you….. she was given a $10 gold coin by an official in commemoration -that must have been worth a bit in those days. She went on to marry a German immigrant and had 11 children!!!

  2. That’s a beautiful sculpture. I just read an incredible story about a young man from Cork who ended up in New York and in exchange for a portion of land for his family, signed up for the Union Army and died six months later on the battlefield. You can easily write books about many brave Irish people who fled the country during the famine.

    1. Over 1 million Irish emigrated during the famine (1845-49) – mostly to the US That trend continued afterwards. By 1890 there were about 1.9 million Irish born in the US. Incredible numbers. No doubt Annie already had family there.

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