Making Plans – Self Assessment Time (with rather poor results I think!!)

Exactly 7 weeks ago today I wrote about Making Plans…

In the meantime,  I haven’t really learned anything new about myself but rather just confirmed my suspicions!!!


So what was on my ‘to do’ list?

Write about the last US trip

Finish writing about other recent trips that I didn’t get around to completing at the time.

Look back through old photos and write short pieces about particular attractions,  sights,  etc.

Finally get my act together and embrace social media!

Go local – write short pieces about Dublin and its attractions.

Write about historical sites around the country.

Write about Dublin walking trails.

Categorise and back up every photo in the house.

Source free photo sites etc.

Read all the WordPress articles and hints that I really, really should have done at the beginning!

Tidy up my website.


Ok … 11 items … a bit ambitious maybe but there was – and is – no actual time limit here (just saying,  in my defense,  before I go any further!!)


Write about the last US trip  Yes – 2 posts about Charleston and 3 about Savannah.  🏆

Finish writing about other recent trips that I didn’t get around to completing at the time.  Wrote one about Mexico. 🏆

Look back through old photos and write short pieces about particular attractions,  sights,  etc.   I wrote 2 Vignettes and 2 Inspirations and joined Sculpture Saturday so happy with this one. 🏆

Finally get my act together and embrace social media! Nope!!

Go local – write short pieces about Dublin and its attractions. Well I posted a few photos from my walks  – that will do! 🏆

Write about historical sites around the country.  hhmmm…….I wrote about our best food and drink… which is found in our pubs … which could be considered historical sites!!! 🏆

Write about Dublin walking trails. Nope!

Categorise and back up every photo in the house.   Nope!

Source free photo sites etc.  Nope!

Read all the WordPress articles and hints that I really, really should have done at the beginning!    Nope!

Tidy up my website.    Nope!



3 things I’ve confirmed about myself!


*Housework.   For years I blamed going out to work for the fact that I was never on top of the housework.   Then I took a year’s career break.    And things actually disimproved!   If you’re very disciplined,  and actually like the routine of housework,  then its plain sailing.  If you’re not an organised person,  and you don’t like household chores,  then no amount of free time is going to change things.

*If you can’t bake then you can’t bake!   A bit like housework – you either have it or you ain’t!!   I did try.   Tom arrived home one day a few weeks back having proudly foraged not one but two bags of flour.   Quite an achievement!   Three disastrous scone baking events later,  I’m losing heart (but have to use up the flour).   I keep blaming the oven…….

*Technology.   I’m referring here to pretty much anything that has a plug and a charger!!!.   This goes with housework and baking.    I declare before the whole world that I’m not a stupid person.  I’m just not into it all.   So I only do what I have to do!!   But I really,  really must try to embrace some form of social media.


So what HAVE I achieved since March 12th?


I’ve watched all 23 Marvel movies!!! ( in order of course!)

I’ve made 6 jigsaws

I’ve finally hung a hanging (can I say that?)  from 2012’s trip to Sri Lanka!! 

20200427_160210 (1)

I’ve decluttered quite a bit (except now we’re falling over black sacks which have nowhere to go as all the usual outlets and shops are closed!).

I’m definitely getting (relatively) fitter – I can now climb the very modest inclines around my area without huffing and puffing.

Read (only) 3 books.    

I’m sorry to say that I can now munch my way through a 125gr bag of Keogh’s Ready Salted Crisps at one sitting all by myself! (and without guilt because I’m doing my bit for the economy!!)


I have 4 new dinner recipes.

I can chat to family and pals on Zoom!


And now,  why don’t you enjoy my jigsaw exhibition while I try bake something!!!














To be continued…. but only if there’s actually anything to be reported!!


Stay safe y’all

38 thoughts on “Making Plans – Self Assessment Time (with rather poor results I think!!)

  1. Those are great results. The jigsaw puzzles are awesome and appear quite difficult. We are starting on puzzle number 4 since lockdown. We did the Giralda while in Seville but that was before the lockdown. Good for you on the fitness, keep walking.

    1. Really enjoying them … and probably spending too long at them – 4 more to go – a pal gave a box of 10 a few years back … little did I think I’d pull it out again so soon. I’m walking every day – which is a first for me when I’m not away…. I usually walk every Monday, with great intentions for the week, and then its downhill from there!!!

  2. I grew up on a sheep/wheat farm and in the broader district lived a very elegant lady called Mrs Blackett. She always said “it is always preferable to have dust on the furniture than dust on the brain”! I have never forgotten this lady or her saying and I endorse it entirely! 😉 Ignore the housework! Mel

    1. Well said Mrs Blackett!! Unfortunately, in my case, I can’t be sure that the dust on the furniture is counterbalanced by lack of dust on the brain!!

  3. Love the jig saws, some would make interesting wall hangings. Tom could glue them onto a board and varnish them for you and hey presto a permanent monument to your covid doings. NO !
    Just a thought. Enjoyed the post. Someone said recently more time doesn’t equate to more done in fact it can be the opposite.

  4. I’ve been doing a lot of puzzling during lockdown. Since I’m working from home now, I usually use meetings where I don’t have to have my video on to work on my puzzle. It’s fantastic. Never thought I’d actually look forward to meetings. I’d say you’ve made great progress on your to-do list. You’re at least checking some items off.

    1. Multitasking at its best!!!
      I’m checking off the things that come easy … therefore not challenging myself at all. But hey …. existing is challenging enough these days! On the other hand, if I don’t do these things now, I will honestly never get them done!

  5. I’m impressed. I had only two goals: finish up our Galapagos posts and do some French lessons most days. Instead, I’ve binged watched Netflix and fixated on covid news….We are at least trying to get out and walk for an hour every day the weather cooperates so that is something.

    1. I’ve managed to sit and work on the blog for a while on most days. I’d love to have the application to study a language. We’ve been very good re TV – we usually don’t turn it on until the 9.00pm news bulletin and then watch something – now that we’ve finished with Marvel we’re turning back towards Netflix. Nothing happening any time soon I think so it looks as though you’ll have time to work on that list of yours!!

    1. I’m heartened by what you say – I was inclined to dwell on how much I hadn’t achieved rather than what I’ve done. You’re right – I’m doing ok.

  6. I’d love to have some of those puzzles. We sold everything before our long trip and didn’t think to buy new puzzles before the lockdown. I love baking, but I’m with you on the cleaning.

    1. They’re a great time filler and I find them very relaxing. I had a look on Amazon last night – thought I’d stock up on a few more. But seems they’re not delivering jigsaws to Ireland at the moment!!!! The problem with baking is that you keep eating the end product!!

  7. Hey! You can do Zoom? That’s a BIG achievement in my book. And don’t try to go down the baking, cooking, cleaning route. It’s a no go area if you’re not that way inclined. You only end up frustrated and edgy – like me.

  8. I would love to read more about Dublin and its attractions, I hope you are going to write that. And just look at all the fantastic puzzles! It’s been years since I’ve picked one up, but I remember how much excitement it involves! Thanks for sharing! Let’s see what tomorrow brings! Hopefully the government will ease some restrictions. Aiva 😊

    1. There’s so many places around Dublin to write about …. I certainly won’t go short. It would be nice all right to get some concessions wouldn’t it …. XXXMarie

  9. Love the list, you’re doing great! I wish I had a bunch of puzzles to do. I am also looking forward to more posts about Dublin in the future, it’s on my list of places to go 🙂

    1. Hopefully you”ll get here some day – meanwhile keep posting about NYC – that’s one of MY favourite places!

    1. Thanks for the tip – I’d looked at Unsplash before but not Pexels – Have saved them both. I ‘lost’ a lot of photos a few years back so now I’ll be able to write about some places I’ve visited but had no photos for. Well done. XXXMarie

    1. I know deep down that if I’m in lockdown for even a year, there are things on that list that I will never tackle!!

  10. I truly enjoyed your jigsaw exhibition. I have just opened a new jigsaw and haven’t had the time to get to it. Spring cleaning has taken longer than I thought it would. 🙂 All the best with mastering housework. It’s taken me a long time to get anywhere near perfection. 🙂 Have a nice day!

    1. Ah thank you! I’ve finished 3 more since then! I think its a very good sign these days if you are too busy to do something – far worse to have too much time on your hands. Problem with all the spring cleaning is that I’ve a snag list that keeps growing – can’t wait for things to get back to normal so that I can start replacing stuff that’s annoying me!

  11. Those are some pretty cool puzzles! I need to get around to marathoning the Marvel movies at some point but haven’t made any progress on that yet.

    1. The movies are great – of course we watched one almost every night so by the end they’d pretty much morphed into one!!!!

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