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A big thank you to Allan from  PhotoblographyToo for this nomination!   Allan lists his activities as ‘photography, gardening, working with my hands, walking, cycling, skiing, travelling, reading and creating special photo and video productions obtained in my first pastime’.  All this and he still has time to blog!!!  I always look forward to his beautiful photos and verse so please go and check it out for yourselves.


Real Neat Blog Award Rules

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  4. Answer the questions they have given you.
  5. Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers of your choice.
  6. Ask them 7 questions.


Allan’s questions:


1. What do you envision as the mission statement or purpose of your blog?

In a nutshell,  I’d hope to inspire readers into thinking  ‘I could do that!’


2. How has that purpose evolved since you first started your blog?

I started this blog to record my travels as I was definitely forgetting more than I could remember!   However,  I’ve always been surprised by people’s reactions to our travel plans – what we take in our stride (and we are absolutely no travel venturers) others balk at the thought of the planning and responsibility.   While there is less emphasis on the package holiday nowadays,  there are so many travel options out there that I just love the idea of giving someone a nudge!


3. What impact has the global pandemic had on your blogging?

We’d a LOT of plans for 2020!   We were talking about Southern Morocco in April and possibly mainland Greece in June.    We’d a wedding in the west of Ireland in June,  a wedding in Spain in July and then thinking of maybe Alaska in August, via NYC for a family birthday celebration!!  So I’d plenty of potential material in those trips to keep me going for a while!  But now – nothing!

I’ve been tipping away – finishing off last years travels etc.   I’ll start going further back and writing about older trips and see how it goes.   I’ve written a few bits about my locality.   I’ve taken up two weekend challenges – Saturday Sculpture and Silent Sunday.   I’m actually enjoying rooting through photos for those.  So I’m ok for the moment.  If I don’t get away this year,  I’ll try and maintain the blog – writing more about Ireland I’d say.


4. Do you watch your blog stats and obsess over the numbers or do you publish for the sheer enjoyment of expression?

For months,  only my husband and son knew about the blog.   I gradually began to mumble about it to some family and friends.   I’d say I was writing for about a year before I copped on to the stats!   Do I watch them now?   Of course I do!!   Do I obsess?  I did for a while but realised I was never going to actively promote the site so there was no point in big expectations.   Nowadays,  I’m chuffed with whatever support and feedback I get.


5. Are you active on other social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…) and which do you like best? Why?

In a word – NO!

When I started blogging,  my son set me up with Facebook and Instagram.   I’ve made little or no effort since then to engage with either although its top of my ‘ to do’ list (and probably going to stay there if I’m honest!!).   I have zero interest in social media but keep telling myself to make an effort.  I thought I’d embrace Facebook perhaps but I’m thinking now that I’d go for Instagram if anything.


6. What is the farthest you’ve ever traveled from your home?

We were planning a trip to Australia in 2004.  I was looking at return flights via Asia but discovered we could go home the other way – via Auckland / Tahiti / Los Angeles.  There wasn’t a huge difference in the price.   And then I spotted Bora Bora – just a few hours from Tahiti.  Bliss.

In the interest of research,  I’ve just discovered that Bora Bora is 14,933km from Dublin.


Sydney is actually 17,204km from Dublin!!!

I’m gutted – now I can’t keep going on about Bora Bora!

However… there’s more…

When we arrived into Sydney airport from Dublin we went straight to Alice Springs (yes I know – mad) which,  although technically closer to Dublin,  we can add 2,773km onto our route.   So that’s 19,977km.   From there we went to Uluru – another 468km.   So now we’re at 20,445km!

So my answer is Uluru (although I prefer Bora Bora!!)


7. Tell us about an unexpectedly awesome, off-the-beaten path attraction you’ve enjoyed during your travels.

We were in Newfoundland in 2011.   Being a sucker for ruins,  I persuaded himself to drive out to Ferryland Archaeological site – about an hour from St. Johns.   There is a hill above the site with a trail leading up to a lighthouse.   At the lighthouse,  we discovered a couple of women doing a thriving picnic business!   We ordered afternoon tea and were given a blanket.  We perched ourselves on the hill and our picnic of sandwiches, dessert and drinks was delivered in a basket.   As we enjoyed our feast on that glorious afternoon,  we watched whales passing through the sound below.    The best part of it was the unexpected surprise – I was always so glad that we didn’t know about it in advance.   Such a treat!


My Nominees

I’m going to throw this open to all you great bloggers who would like to answer the above questions.


Thanks again to Allan,  and to all of you,  for your ongoing support.



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