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Last week my choice was a dedication to the women of the fishing community of Póvoa de Varzim in Northern Portugal.   Further along the same promenade,  at the entrance to the port,  is this piece.  The angle of the photo says it all – upon first glance I thought it was some poor soul with a massive tongue – ‘symbolising what?’ I wondered.  I was heading off but doubled back for another look.   From a different angle its not too bad I suppose – the ‘tongue’ is actually a fish – but that lifeless face!  I can’t find much info except that it is called “Monumento ao Pescador” (Monument To The Fisherman) and was created by João Cutileiro.  The town’s website describes the piece as ‘represented in a marble sculpture of various shades that illustrates the idealized figure of a fisherman with a fish’.  

The idealized figure of a fisherman – oh dear – I know they have a very tough life  – but……




DSC_7994 (1)


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10 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday

  1. Do you think the sculpture was a cousin of 82-year-old Cecilia Giménez, the notorious restorer of the fresco in Borja, Spain, of the 1930 fresco by Elías García Martínez?

  2. There are so many coastal villages in Portugal where most of its people have been devoting their lives to fishing. I think it’s a wonderful tribute to the fisherman, albeit a bit creepy one 🙈Can you imagine all the experiences you go through by being a fisherman’s wife? Time away must be really hard. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend, Marie 😊 Aiva

    1. A very tough life for both the men and women. I’m sure though that there was / is a great sense of community and support among them. There’d have to be.

  3. Traveling in Portugal now? How is the situation with the pandemic? I read that it is worse in northern Portugal. I thinking of traveling to Portugal in September, but only if it is safe. Lucky we are in Europe now!

    1. No – the photos are from 2019. Here in Dublin and not going anywhere anytime soon. I’d love to think I could travel in September…. if you are flexible with your plans and don’t commit heavy deposits etc. sure its no harm in thinking ahead… a lot will happen in the next 2 months. How are things with you in Germany? Are there any tourists in Frieburg?

      1. If we didn’t have to wear masks in stores here, you wouldn’t know there was any pandemic. Not many tourists here, but lots of Swiss and French who come over the border for shopping.
        No deposits for places to stay in Portugal; we’ll decide each morning whether we want to stay somewhere for another day or continue our hike on Fisherman’s trail.

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