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Do you know what a TCK is?  You need to visit Expat Alien who has kindly nominated me for this award.  Expat Alien resonates with so many people who grew up abroad or raised their family away from home (or ‘passport country’ as its called in the blog).  


Real Neat Blog Award Rules

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  • Answer the seven questions of the one who nominated you.
  • Nominate bloggers to receive the award and tag/pingback to their blogs.
  • Ask them seven new questions.




1. What is your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Well here’s the thing – I never loved Sunday afternoon!   When I was working,  I loved Friday evening,  all day Saturday and maybe Sunday morning.  By that afternoon I’d be thinking and preparing for the week ahead.  It was never a relaxing down time.   Now that I’m retired,  every evening is Friday evening (without being wrecked of course!!) and every afternoon is – great (including Sunday!!).  So – short answer….. nothing springing to mind!  Sorry!


2. What are the seven best movies you have seen in the past year?

I devoted the first weeks of covid to the marvel movies – all of them!!  Most were great – especially Avengers: Endgame.

I’m a Star Wars fan so have to include Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

I know there was some criticism of the movie but I enjoyed Jo Jo Rabbit


Once upon a time in Hollywood was ok.

Blinded by the Light – because I love Bruce Springsteen!!

Where d’you go Bernadette – because I loved the book.


3. Have you watched any of them more than once?

The Star Wars one.


4. Do you have any TV show recommendations?

The Mandalorian – ah! Baby Yoda!!

Just watching Moneyheist now…

and Schitt’s Creek …. great for a giggle

I should wave the Irish flag here and recommend Normal People


5. What is your next vacation going to be (if we ever get over this virus)?

I honestly don’t know!   I come and go all the time – and don’t plan very far in advance.   I’ve no idea what timeline I’m aiming for so I’ve shut that part of my brain down.  In an ideal world – where covid vanishes overnight – I’m going to seize the day and go, go, go…. BUT… top of my list is the Galapagos Islands.  If we ever get traveling again,  that’s what I’m going to aim for.


6. What will your first restaurant/food be to celebrate the end of quarantine?

Easy – Carvery lunch in my local pub – Roast beef,  roast spuds,  stuffing,  gravy…. it just never tastes the same at home!!


7. How much longer do you think we will have to wait for a vaccine (is the glass have full or half empty)?

Sorry – half empty here – I can’t see it any time soon… maybe late 2021 at best but I’m not even speculating.


My Nominees

I’m going to throw this open to all you great bloggers who would like to answer the above questions.


Thanks again to Expat Alien,  and to all of you,  for your ongoing support.



14 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award

  1. Congratulations ..for some reason links do not work on iPad but they do on my S10 phone and my Mac computer..very strange

      1. I think I’ve worked it out somehow .. I have to go into the website from safari and not the reader from the WP app

      2. As my one and only pride and joy frequently tells me….’ If I help you, you’ll never learn anything’!!! Brat!
        Maybe you could be my tech expert!!!

        Enjoy rest of weekend. I’m heading out now to local pub for a socially distanced bite to eat and a pint…. I’M SO EXCITED!!! Who needs the Galapagos!!!

    1. Watched Peaky Blinders and Ozark (preferred the earlier seasons to the last one though). Haven’t heard of the others – thanks for the tip … I’m always on the lookout for new TV series.

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