Sculpture Saturday

This piece is entitled Thus Daedalus Flew by Niall O’Neill. It honours the writer James Joyce, who named his literary alter ego Stephen Dedalus in his novels. It also refers to Daedalus, father of Icarus. It is located in south county Dublin. I can’t find out much about it but the blurb from the local council tells us that ‘The piece has many layers of meaning and is concerned with man’s quest to fly at every level, physical, mental and spiritual‘. Bet you knew that already!!!

Sculpture Saturday is hosted by Ruined for Life

6 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday

  1. That’s an interesting statue, Marie. Mr Google tells me that it is located in Killiney, which at one point was one of my favourite places to go for a walk 🧡 Thanks for sharing and have a good evening 😀 Aiva

    1. Lovely place for a walk but the hill is crammed nowadays with walkers during lockdown…. and dogs!! Beautiful day here – hope you getting the sunshine in Sligo. XXXMarie

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