Eating our way around Copenhagen – a day in the life of a grazing family on the move!!

A few months back I wrote (well – ok – maybe bragged a bit) about the joys of being a teacher with a summer birthday and some of the incredible places in which I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate.

But while I’m living it up with my August festivities, himself is stuck with the last week in November – that slump after the October trip and just before Christmas mania sets in. Usually, he has to settle for an early bird and the cinema. On a very rare occasion, he might strike lucky with a mini city break.

Its that time of year again. An early bird and the cinema – I WISH!!!!! Still in Level 5 lockdown, sorry Tom, its looking like a takeaway and Netflix!!!!

But just as a reminder – here’s a throwback to your 2017 birthday in Copenhagen.

Oh – And Happy Birthday!!!

This post was originally published on 7th May, 2018 and updated in November, 2020.

(Apologies for the quality of some photos…)


Well porridge sounds like a nice healthy start to the day so its off to GROD in Torvehallerne.   Select your 3 toppings from a list including fruit,  nuts,  yoghurt,  caramel,  peanut butter….

(‘Can I try some of yours’!)

Mid Morning Sugar Fix!

Time for waffles at the Christmas stalls in Nyhavn

(How do you like it?  Sugar or Nutella!)


For lunch it has to be PAPIROEN for street food – Copenhagen style.  But how to choose!

(My favourite was the shredded duck!!)

4.30pm Coffee Stop 


(Back in Nyhavn – getting dark but there’s always time for a quick coffee! )

Cocktail Hour


(Back on time for free drinks in hotel lobby – can’t miss that!!)

Evening Warm – Up 


(Hot Chocolate in Tivoli Gardens)



Pasta at LA ROCCA – not very Danish perhaps but great food




(One for the road  – Oh wait  – Happy Hour Saturday night 10pm – 11pm …. Make mine a double!!)

23 thoughts on “Eating our way around Copenhagen – a day in the life of a grazing family on the move!!

    1. Its particularly nice at this time of year with the markets and decorations. We’ll probably all go mad Alison – making up for lost time!!!

    1. Just realised I dedicated it to him and he barely gets into the photos!!! 😅 😂 . I’ll pass on your kind wishes and wish you a happy Thanksgiving also…. XXXMarie

  1. Hey Marie, thanks for this culinary tour of Copenhagen. That chocolate waffle beast thing looks awesome. I once spent a few days in Copenhagen many moons ago and found it all quite charming.

    1. I’d visited Copenhagen in 1979! ( I know – I can’t believe I’m even writing that!!). This was my first time back and the other 2 had never been there so it was perfect for a short break. We’d a lovely couple of days. We didn’t have time to do the Copenhagen – Malmo bridge – I’d have liked that – there was no bridge in ’79 so we went to Malmo by ferry…. XXXMarie

  2. I loved Copenhagen and have longed to go back there. Your post only intensifies that wish. My favourite memories of the food are the breakfasts, that array of different breads on the table, the 5 or more crispbreads, and the six different croissants! I’m a big fan of breads and good butter so I was in hog’s heaven. I found the Danes very friendly as well, much more so than the Swedes – we’d driven from Sweden to Denmark and found the contrast rather like Spain and Portugal. Oh, happy birthday to Tom. Netflix and a takeaway mightn’t be so bad!

  3. That waffle looks intriguing! I so want to do those Europe Christmas markets some year. Seems like a full full day for you all but lots of good food and drinks!

    1. It must be nearly 20 years since I first went to one – in Cologne. Everything seemed so beautiful and so different. I’ve ben to a few others since but less and less interesting I think. But a lovely occasion and always a great atmosphere. XXXMarie

      1. On my list to go. Shall see if it ever happens. Like your husband mine has a late November birthday so maybe tie it in to an interesting trip sometime.

  4. I love Denmark..!! 🇩🇰
    In Denmark, my culinary experience is woefully limited to pizzas (definitely not Danish), marzipans (loved it), and Beer (oh yes, those were definitely Danish). I never knew till now that there exist Danish waffles as well, and I am mentally kicking myself for missing them despite visiting Nyhavn and spending hours over there.
    Beautiful pictures and great experiences.. <3
    Thank you Madam for sharing.. 🙂

    1. I could pretend there was method and discretion in our sampling but to be honest – we just ate and drank everything we saw!!!😅 😂 🤣

      1. Absolutely!!! Wish I could head off sampling right now … our local takeaway has lost its lustre somewhat! 😅

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