Each week, Dr. B from Buddha Walks into a Wine Bar selects a single theme to point our cameras at or to encourage us to display a few photos from our collections. I certainly don’t present myself as a photographer but I’m happy to root through my photos and select the most passable!!!

This week’s theme is BRIDGES

My first selection comes from Ireland’s southwest during last years ‘staycation’.

This lot spans Dublin’s River Liffey

As you can see, I’ve been blessed by lovely blue skies and uplifting weather – NOT!!!

Here’s a few from Northern Portugal (2019) to cheer me up!!

If you would like to join Dr B in #challengeyourcamera then here’s what to do:

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It’ll be fun, why not join in?


  1. Very interesting bridges today! My favorite are the bridges from Ireland, I like the old rustic bridges. But, I have to tell you those photos from Portugal just make me want to go and spend more time there!

  2. I love those old stone bridges from Ireland. If those stones could talk!

    I’m trying to avoid the temptation to take on any more challenges but this one is tempting!

    1. They’d have some stories all right wouldn’t they!!!
      I find the challenges great while I’m not travelling – but I know what you mean – I’ve lost could of how many are on the go at the moment! I was limiting myself to 2 weekly and 1 monthly …. but then something catches my eye….

      1. Having only started my WordPress page last summer (a lockdown project) I have an archive of years of travels to draw on for posts, so not travelling isn’t a problem from that point of view (it is from some many others however!) I’m trying to only post for a challenge if it fits something I might have posted anyway, from that archive – and this does!

  3. Well done, Marie! I love bridges – the images, their structure, engineering, their symbolism, what they span and so much more! From The Billy Goats Gruff story to all the magnificent bridges all over the world, they enter all our lives and communities and you have captured lovely representations!

    1. Thank you Linda. Aren’t they extraordinary structures when you think about it – from the simplest form to the most complex. XXXMarie

  4. I love Dublin bridges! I love the most famous ones and the city’s lesser-known bridges who are steeped in history such as the beautiful Sean Heuston Bridge. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva 🙂

    1. Thank you! We went through a string of towns in Portugal that time and each one had a bridge more impressive than the last! XXXMarie

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