This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is FEELING


AWE at the incredible landscapes of South West US. This selection is from Arizona and Utah.

Bryce Canyon

Monument Valley

Arches National Park

Zion National Park

Antelope Canyon


Canyonlands National Park

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39 thoughts on “FEELING

  1. We’ve been to all of these too, except Antelope Canyon. Which is your favourite? Our is Bryce, though all are wonderful! Thank you for reviving happy memories!

  2. Stunning – among my favourite landscapes in the US! We were there back in the mid 1990s and I still remember the feeling of awe – the perfect word 🙂

    1. Its fabulous isn’t it – I find that people from our parts have no idea really of what’s to been seen here – everyone knows the Grand Canyon of course, and Monument Valley from the movies, but that’s about it for most….

      1. And they are both stunning (we loved our stay at the canyon’s North Rim in particular) but the others deserve to be as well known. We also really liked the Canyon de Chelly 🙂

    1. I just could not believe Bryce Canyon the first time I saw it… It must be one of the most spectacular inland landscapes on the planet.

    1. I’ve often said that these are my favourite landscape colours because I’m surrounded by so much green!! And then you have the formations – and that dry heat (which I’d REALLY appreciate today!!). You’re right – I could add ‘longing’ …..

  3. this part of US is simply amazing! I visited all of them 2 years ago and could do it hundred times without being bored. I am afraid it is my last visit of the USA.

    1. Did you do them all in one trip? That was some itinerary!!! We’ve been in the region 3 times over the years and a lot of the parks have morphed into each other! I can’t find your site Klara – is that you in Brussels?

    1. All this on your doorstep!!! Are the parks closed at the moment due to Covid? I know they’re huge but I suppose most visitors congregate in the same places….

      1. I don’t know if they’re closed, but we haven’t been doing much traveling right now. Even though we’re in Arizona now, the Phoenix area, most of these places require overnight or longer stays and my husband’s still a bit leery about that. Soon, I hope.

      2. Absolutely!! He’s right! You’ll get going soon enough – and then you’ve ALL that space!!! If they ever lift this 5km limit here, my longest trip here would be about 260 miles!!! Another year of this and we’re talking serious cabin fever!!!1

    1. Those photos came from 2 different trips. In 2015 we did Vegas – Monument Valley – Arches – Bryce – Zion – Vegas. Then in 2019 we flew into Phoenix and did Sedona – Page- Vegas – Capitol – Moab – Flagstaff…. A lot of driving but all wonderful.. We did Route 66 in 2007 so visited Grand Canyon that time… You should definitely try and get to Antelope and Bryce… XXXMarie

  4. It’s so pretty! I really want to get to Utah after my trip there in 2020 was cancelled. Wonderful photos!

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