As usual, I’ve had a great time trawling through photos and am astonished at what I actually manage to find….

A little bit out of context…..

The first is a huge rooftop garden in Brooklyn, the second is a building in Camden, London….

For the month that’s in it……

I’ll finish with a few scenes from home…..

This monthly challenge comes from Jude at Travel Words. To take part, just post your colour photos and link to Life in Colour


    1. The great thing about this challenge is that I’ve no idea what I’ll end up with…. I literally go through every photo over a week or so and collect anything of the required colour and then cull… I’d totally forgotten about both the garden and that building until I came across them again the other night…

  1. I love the way you’ve grouped these in themes 🙂 I always like a good door image, and you have a lovely collection here. Where was the green tiled minaret and the tiled arch?

    1. I was surprised at all the doors I found!! The 2 photos are both Morocco and both from the same trip.. The minaret is the Hassan 11 Mosque in Casablanca and the arch is in Fez…

      1. Ah, I was wondering about Morocco! I’ve only been to Marrakesh and didn’t recognise them from there. Is the courtyard with orange trees, green door and green and white tiles also there?

  2. No one can say you don’t give value for money, Marie. Whata whole lotta green! The food looked lovely, apart from the green drinks that is, I never fancied drinking anything green I don’t know why. I was intrigued by the mosque as well as I’ve never seen one with green tiling: those that I’ve seen have always been blue. And now you can add some more tomorrow – if you feel up to it. Meantime, happy St. Paddy’s Day to you and the family.

    1. Isn’t it amazing just how many green drinks there are nowadays … I blame all those juicers… Yes the mosque is in Casablanca –
      No plans here for tomorrow – warnings on the radio all day for people to stay at home, no gatherings, no parties, obey restrictions… blah, blah, blah…..
      St Patrick would not be impressed!!!!
      My mum would now be putting green icing on a cake, I’d have a new green ribbon for my hair, and I’d be counting down the hours to wear my badge to Mass. Of course, we’d all have been off sweets and chocolate for Lent but could gorge ourselves on the 17th…. I can’t even drown the shamrock tomorrow because I’ve no shamrock!!
      Anyway – many happy returns to you Mari ….

      1. How come no shamrock. Doesn’t it grow there any more? I had plans this year to spend the 17th in Newry and then on top Dublin to visit friends, but ….. by the time this is all over I’ll be too decrepit to travel. I’m not making any plans because I can’t bear the disappointment I see my friends suffering from. They will believe Boris! Fools.

      2. I haven’t spoken to anyone here who is planning to leave the country this summer – although I’m sure there are plenty. I can understand people making plans though….we’re flexible enough and can go somewhere once things improve (!) but for workers booking their 2 weeks hols its a different story. I know I’d be gutted if I were still working and knew I wasn’t getting away again this summer…

  3. Green in such a beautiful colour and I love it because it symbolizes nature and the natural world. Your post and all your beautiful photos, given that tomorrow is St. Patricks Day, is very timely! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely evening, Marie. It’s pleasantly warm and sunny in Sligo and birds are going crazy outside the window with, most likely trying to attract female birds in order to make babies! Take care. Aiva 🙂 xxx

    1. I always associate St. Patrick’s Day with cold, cold weather at best ….. typical isn’t it that it would be so lovely when we cannot enjoy it in full!!! Have a lovely day tomorrow regardless…… ☘️

      1. I’d love to do a post like this but my problem is that I’m emotionally attached to this particular blog. So I watch the amount of pictures so that I don’t run out of space. I know some people just start a new one but I guess I like the continuity.

      2. I know exactly what you mean. Photos gobble up the space don’t they… I treated myself to an upgraded plan last year rather than starting a new one… so don’t have to think about it for now at least…. XXX

      3. That I do not know! So I do a lot of photo collages to cut down space,try to reuse photos if appropriate and hope thay by the time I am at 97% that I’ve got a plan or decided blogging isn’t for me anymore.

      4. I’m more careful than I was – deleting photos I don’t use, etc. Hopefully, they will update it to suit you when the time comes….
        have a lovely weekend. XXXMarie

  4. Ah! Do you think Jude picked Green for this month in honour of St Pat’s?

    You have an incredibly diverse collection of Green Things! My favourite has to be that funny mural of Oscar the Grouch, complete with a interesting brand of bottled water.

      1. I’ve never been to that part of London before ….
        And no! I didn’t even notice the anagram! It’s so funny! Thanks for pointing it out!

  5. How did I miss this one? Great greens and I love the header photo with the green post box! I once did some posts about different post boxes around the world and the different ones in England, but these Irish (?) boxes are the first I have seen. Apologies for missing this wonderful medley of greens Marie! A real treat.

    1. No worries at all… glad you enjoyed… Yes – Irish postboxes – the circular one is the original – such a lovely piece compared to the other two. XXXMarie

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