1. Well thank you for counting Bernie!!!. What’s more – I reckon I’d at least another 20/25 that ‘didn’t make the grade’!!!

  1. These are awesome! ..it must have taken forever to arrange them..I find just lately that I’m having trouble with the gallery and it seems to have a mind of its own and flicks between 0 to 4 when I want it on 2. My posts take twice as long now

      1. I’m constantly closing the post I’m working on and then opening it up again just to add a few more photos.. something not right…

    1. Well I don’t know what WordPress has done lately but I’m the same – and I’m having trouble downloading from Google Photos – I always assume its just me because I’m rubbish at anything technical and hate change…

      1. I don’t use Google photos from WordPress ..I go into them from the app itself and then drag them across to the desktop. But I really don’t like the options they give so most of the time I just use image and not gallery

      2. I think I’ve tried every option Marie, and what’s even more annoying is when you caption the photos and then change the set up and the captions disappear!

      3. Did you ever try the Get Help link on the home page…. I put something in a few weeks back (which is most unlike me) and someone from the support staff replied the following day. I hadn’t a rocks what he was on about but I googled bits from his replies as we went along and I actually sorted the problem whatever it was.

      4. Yes I’ve used the help line a few times, but generally they don’t know what you’re talking about! Occassionally they have helped out

  2. That is an incredible collection of pink objects. Some time ago I deleted my pictures of pink buses (I was reminded of this when I saw yours) as I decided I’d have no use for them! Trying to free up room isn’t always a good idea when it comes to images. Anyway, congrats on a great gallery which I’m sure will cheer everyone up.

    1. The one thing I’ve learned from these challenges is that – you never know! I’m not going to delete anything again unless its out of focus(which, to be honest, is most of my stuff!). Between Monday clotheslines, Thursday doors, Friday chairs…..there’s a use for everything!!! XXXMarie

  3. Someone needs to develop a photo search engine to search out specialty categories. I know I have so many photos with pink or orange or red, but that is not how they are filed. Good work finding all the ones you did. Allan

    1. Ah no – that’s my favourite part!!! It’s so relaxing (although you DO get a bit boggle -eyed!). There’s a whole month to find something… I begin at the oldest photo on file and just scroll and scroll for a while every day – just dumped everything with a bit of pink in it into an album… its amazing what turns up!

    1. I love the confetti ….. spotted it outside a church in Puglia a few years back… I just loved the colour at the time ….Goes to show…there’s a reason for everything!!!😅

  4. Another amazing selection Marie. Like you when I join or run a challenge I simply create a folder and then go through my archives and toss anything which vaguely fits the category into the folder, then I work my way through to select the best ones. It’s fun to search through the older stuff. Love the confetti and those pink buses! I would not have imagined pink buses. Glad to see not only flowers, but architecture and food appear! Radishes! Fantastic. And thank you.

    1. Ah lovely words! I love this challenge Jude – I find it so relaxing going through photos…. assuming I’ll find very little..so far so good!!! The buses are in Belfast BTW.. they are so unexpected..
      Looking forward to May already!!! (gosh there’s nothing like a monthly fixture to show how quickly the weeks are galloping past!)

      1. I know! Going too quickly for me. I want the months to slow down now so we can enjoy the longer days and the sunny weather.

  5. So many pretty pink pictures, Marie! I like the pale pink lilies (I think that’s what they are) and the mural with roses. Spectacular!

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