29 thoughts on “WISH YOU WERE … NO! WAIT!….. WISH I WERE HERE!!!! #2

  1. Oh, that looks lovely! We only went to inland Belize, not the coast. I’m not really a beach person but at the moment I would just love to be right there!

    1. I love a few beach days at the end of a trip – just before we head home. And all the better if there isn’t too much to see and do…. If we’re not at the coast then a place with a decent pool area will do…I can’t take the sun but love to sit under the umbrella with my book. Will happily stay all day and just move for food!

  2. Ahhhhhh, travel. It is what we do when we take the trash out, these days. Hope all is well Marie. Great shots of Belize. Thanks for sharing. Allan

    1. I know what you mean but I feel differently towards the ‘mainland’ than the islands. I’ve been to Mexico twice and Guatemala and Belize and love the mix of ancient civilization and tropics….. I feel I get my ‘bit of culture’ in as well as beach… (Having said that we’ve done some islands also and loved it)!!

  3. I was just looking at hotel prices in Belize yesterday. I think they’ve done well with covid so hoping we could travel back there again soon. Your pictures brought me back, I’d love to be there now too 🙂

    1. That would be something! I’m not even looking at anything yet… don’t want to build my hopes up…
      BUT… I can register tomorrow for the vaccine – so that’s progress. All going well I’d hope to heading in that direction by early 2022??? I’ll send you first!!!

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