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  1. There is something about a winding road that is intriguing. I want to see what is what comes next. I expect something to be wonderful and exciting around the curve. And if there is nothing but more winding, I just imagine again for the next curve.

    It is rather like people. We want to look beyond what we see. We can sense there is more to know to learn. Then of course we meet a few folks that have hairpin curve personalities and we must beware and not go to fast. 😉

    1. Intriguing yes – be it the road or, as you say, people. But negotiating that winding road is tiring and stressful! Sometimes – maybe most of the time – all we really want is that long, simple stretch of highway! Maybe I’m getting old!!!😅

    1. If you could pick any road trip – right now – no restrictions, no Covid, perfect weather…. where would you go?!!!
      I’d love to go down through the Balkans into Greece. Or New Zealand. Or back to Jordan…..

      1. We’ve been talking about maybe doing Route 66 post-COVID, although we’ve done a few stretches on past trips. Or northern California perhaps? I’d also like to drive up though the Yukon to Alaska!

      2. Alaska is definitely on my list… we’d been considering it for last August….
        So many roads… not enough time!!😅

  2. I love winding roads. One of the best I have been on is the Irohazaka Drive near Nikko Japan. Hairpins so tight, no bus can make it around the corner in just one move. I think the Kashmir Road wins though, with death around every corner. Hope all is well. Allan

    1. Hand on heart, I was never so scared…. I thought we were going to die that day. The weather was atrocious and the road was literally washing away. Considering we were pretty much in the back of nowhere, we met quite a bit of traffic and we were on the outer edge. I’d say the only reason we didn’t turn back was the road was too narrow for the manoeuvre. We came back the same way later but the rain had stopped and at least we were hugging the cliff against oncoming traffic.

  3. I love where you went with this, Marie, and those roads are certainly inviting, even though calling for careful driving. Is the US one in Arizona? It looks like a drive I’ve read about and would like to take, albeit slowly. 🙂


    1. No its Utah – pretty sure its Canyonlands…. In theory they look great but I’m the world’s worst on steep roads – a nightmare of a passenger!! I live in terror of failing brakes!! And we usually rent tiny little cars which are fine of course on the flat …. I’ll admit to getting out of the car on occasion and walking – leaving himself to his fate!!!😖😅 😂

  4. I love these undulating roads, with their twists, turns and crests. They certainly will make you feel like a rally driver even if you’re just going to fetch milk from the shop. Last summer we drove through Conor Pass; with a glaciated landscape of mountains, corrie lakes and a broad sweeping valley spread out below, it was a drive to remember. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and have a good evening 🙂 Aiva xxx

    1. We also went over the Pass last summer but got a bad day for it … literally couldn’t see a thing – we’ll be back in Kerry hopefully in August so might give it another go!

    1. We’ve made a few trips there and loved it each time – we were to go to southern Morocco in October 2019 but had to change plans so that’s a trip in the pipeline – sooner rather than later I hope!

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