So how’s your Sunday evening shaping up? Himself has been reading the Sunday papers in the garden and has just moved inside for the football.

Me? I’m at the screaming ‘I’ve nothing to wear‘ stage of packing! (Yes – he packed about 5 days ago – a capsule collection in the smallest bag in the house!).

Damned Covid – I’ve lost my mojo….

So we’re off in the morning to County Mayo on Ireland’s west coast. We’ve booked 2 hotels – 4 nights in each…. I didn’t even consider the airbnb or self catering option – sure we’ve been looking at each other – and only each other – for a year now!

The packing crisis is largely due to the weather of course – you have to pack for 4 seasons here. It’s gorgeous in Dublin now – but rain moving into the west by Wednesday – the story of my life…. beautiful scenery but grey hungover skies (and that’s on a good day!!).

Back to my packing – there’s the light summer jacket, the rain jacket and my heavy winter coat (along with woolly hat and gloves!). There’s beach wear and heavy jumpers… There’s flip flops. sandals, and waterproof walking shoes – I’m thinking I might take a chance and leave the wellies at home…….

I’m so looking forward to the trip – we don’t know Mayo very well so we’ve lots of plans – all weather dependent of course but that’s Ireland for ya!

I have scheduled a few challenges over the next 10days or so – but I won’t be blogging as such. Apologies in advance if I don’t get to reply to you for a while but I will catch up once I’m back in Dublin.

Meanwhile, stay safe y’all and I’ll ‘see’ you in early July.

Slán go fóill (Goodbye for now….)


28 thoughts on “SLÁN GO FÓILL

  1. Have a wonderful time – I’m sure you will, whatever the Irish weather throws at you! After all, any trip is a bonus right now 😍😎😎☔🌈

  2. Surely a sweater would suffice under your spring rain jacket. Is it likely to hit your winter temperatures? If so good time to hit a pub for a pint. Enjoy your trip and just maybe the weather gods will shine on you!

  3. I like your note that you don’t know Mayo very well. That’s the feeling I had too, apart from those who came from that county, no one seemed to know about Mayo, except for being an extension of Connemara. Have a good trip.

  4. Can’t wait for your take on Mayo and I’m sure it will be a wonderful read, or reads. Go enjoy yourself, live the hotel life, eat and drink and just ignore that pesky weather. You must be used to it by now. Just remember to pack the camera!

  5. A road trip, wonderful. Surely you can just take your whole wardrobe if it’s in the car! Remember there’s no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothes. Although not sure that applies to Ireland’s wild and windy weather. Enjoy 😊

  6. Enjoy your travels, rain or shine. Your packing dilemma sounds like a Canadian one, packing for all 4 seasons on one trip. Stay well Marie. Allan

    1. I actually had to pack for Canada once and it was very tricky… we had a few formal occasions when we were there so that had to be catered for. Then we were going on from Toronto to Newfoundland… At least when travelling here, I can fill the car!!

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