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      1. Indeed – although I don’t have any real problems with LHR, maybe because the convenience for us outweighs other issues!

      2. For us – we’re always there for connections – which are always in another terminus and we never have enough tinme!

  1. Yes, it’s nice when you get to a small and easy to navigate airport.
    I remember Ibiza airport looking very similar – different these days!

    1. We flew home from Placencia….
      We were in the ‘departure’ waiting room with 2 others – so 4 in total – when a staff member came over and asked us the colour of our boarding passes – we showed him our red passes – he stepped to the door – maybe a metre from us and announced ‘Red boarding passes boarding now’ – Wonderful stuff!!!

  2. 🙂 The handiest airport I’ve ever been in is in Burbank, California. It’s big enough for “real” planes to use but has only about 5 or 6 gates and when you get your luggage (outside but covered), there are two carousels. It makes flying enjoyable.


  3. My favourite airport was Bird Island in the Seychelles where passengers were met by the manager of the accommodation who was also the fireman (so he came in the fire truck which was your transport to your cabin), he was also the customs officer and policeman and lived just in a pair of shorts. I wonder if it’s still the same? I won’t go back, it would spoil my memories.

  4. I can see that they have added a metal barrier since I was in the capital of Belize. It must be said that there are no big planes either.

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