This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is RAIN

A soft day, Thank God

I’ve never really appreciated the Soft Day – that constant light drizzle that’s just miserable to be out and about in and that low mist that hangs on every bit of high ground. Not exactly something to be thankful for….

Then there’s a Dirty Day! Now that means heavy rain, probably driven by high winds….(That’s never followed by ‘Thank God’!)

So here are a few Irish soft days and dirty days…….

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24 thoughts on “RAIN

  1. You’ve proved, if proof were necessary, that you don’t need ‘good’ weather to take good photos! The first shot, the beach shot and the road disappearing into the gloom are all especially effective shots 🙂 What you call a ‘soft day’ I tend to call ‘Welsh rain’ – after three years of living there (for uni) I got used to those grey damp days when rain seems to hang in the air rather than fall from the sky!

    1. Thank you Sarah – some of those you mention were probably just taken through the car windscreen! Such days are beautiful in themselves of course but it’s no wonder we’re all addicted to sun holidays abroad!!

  2. Ah! How well I remember those ‘soft rains’ and I also remember my husband’s reaction to the words when it rained solidly for 3 days while we were touring Killarney on his very first trip to Ireland and the jarvey whom we’d hired (for local colour) told him it was a lovely ‘soft day’ and sure, it kept the critturs happy. This normally mild-mannered man threatened to kill him and me into the bargain, for taking him there. Then when we got to a relative’s farm and the horse bit him after he was told that it wouldn’t, the air was blue. So, thanks for the Memories, Marie.

    1. Wow – you’ve certainly revisited a lot of memories there Mari!! The lovely soft days wear a bit thin when they go on and on and on don’t they!!

  3. I’d take a soft day or 20 or perhaps 5 dirty days. Rain has been a very very scarce commodity in western Canada this year. The photos make me miss green and Ireland.

      1. Not really. Winter is about 6 months long and mostly snow covered. Then it takes a month to turn green, it lasts as long as the rain does, and then by October it’s all dormant waiting for snow. Now the East coast and the west coast are a different story – more like Ireland with heavy wet snow.

      2. We’ve been to Toronto area in summertime. And Newfoundland – now THAT was really like home!! Western Canada is definitely on the list ….not in winter though!! XXXXMarie

      3. I love winter. Nothing beats fresh snow and blue skies and snowshoes. But I do understand that others find it cold. We are in Jasper in the mountains right now and it is cool but nothing that an extra layer won’t take care of. I hope you make it out here someday.

  4. I love your rain photos and moody scenes, Marie 🙂 Yes, the only real constant in our climate is rain. I like to think that the weather here in Ireland is the only thing holding the country back from being the perfect place to live in the world! I also feel the need to remind visitors to Ireland that even the Irish people don’t like the rain… Aiva xx

    1. They’re such familiar scenes aren’t they Aiva – I’m sure you also have plenty of them from your travels! We all say of course that there’s nowhere like it in good weather. Perfection is probably overrated anyway😅 😂

  5. Love your classification of Soft days & Dirty days …. we had a bit of a high wind torrential downpour earlier today – definitely not a Soft day for us in Singapore.

    1. We obsess about the weather here! Its changeable all day every day! It’s impossible to have a conversation without some reference! When we started traveling to warmer climes many years ago, people used to wonder why we’d remark on the weather every day – we never got used to the constant blue skies that locals took for granted…
      No – your downpour was definitely not a ‘soft day’ – but doesn’t sound like a ‘dirty day’ either…. the conditions would have to last for hours and be really miserable to qualify!!!

      1. No matter where I travel, I can’t head out in the evening without a shawl, cardigan or cardigan – even in a heatwave I’m sure I’m going to get chilly!

      2. Absolutely – but what fascinates us Irish is that there are places in the world where they don’t HAVE to talk about it every day – because it’s always guaranteed the same!!😅 😂

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