From Jude:

This month we will be looking for orange. One of the most vibrant colours, orange is zingy and fresh. It’s a warm colour, friendly and inviting. Soft at dawn, but louder at sunset. From the palest of peaches and apricots through to copper, rust, salmon-pink and terracotta, the range of orange shades in the natural world is phenomenal.

This monthly challenge comes from Jude at Travel Words. To take part, just post your colour photos and link to Life in Colour


  1. Wow, what an eclectic mix of oranges, and so many of them! I have to pick out the puffin, Antelope Canyon (I assume?) and petroglyphs as favourites. And I’m curious about the whereabouts of the South Pole Inn, since it clearly isn’t at the South Pole!

    1. Would I be so lucky!!!! Much closer to home – The South Pole Inn is in the village of Annascaul in County Kerry. It pays tribute to the Antarctic explorer Tom Crean who was born there.

  2. Great collection. Atleast a bit of orange color in each pic. In some pics, it is dominating, however it is making it’s grace felt.

      1. That’s how to do it – I am always trying to rush and find them and end up not enjoying the process. Plus I just realized that if you label the picture as you put it in then you can search in media files for thay name. Did not know that!

      2. But think of all those labels for each photo – my Georgian door would need door/orange/Georgian/Dublin….I think I’d go insane!!😅

  3. I’m reminded that former England soccer manager the late Graham Taylor once famously said “Do I not like orange!” after his team defeat by the Netherlands. Your images suggest that he was somewhat misguided (and not just his choice of syntax)…what a fascinating collection of photos showcasing orange!

  4. Lock-down is obviously keeping you indoors and at your computer! What an absolutely amazing collection of pix and how many orange shades there are in the universe. I loved them all but I can’t like the orange door, not the picture, just the thought of an orange door in a street. You can’t have any more oranges in your files that we haven’t seen now but I bet if another challenge were to come up you;d find one!

    1. It’s funny that you don’t like the door – It’s a bit garish there on its own I agree but most Georgian doors in Dublin now have bright colours so it probably wouldn’t particuarly stand out if you were walking along the street. Orange is now flogged to death – on to November and the next colour!!!

  5. What a fabulous collection Marie – you have everything – architecture, art, edibles, transport, nature and sunsets/sunrises and more! Thanks for joining in to celebrate orange 🧡🧡

    1. I love starting off the month with ‘well I’ll have nothing this time’ to ending up with a surprising variety ( so far!!). It’s a great challenge Jude…

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