This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is BELOW

Looking up at the entrance to one of our monastic Round Towers. The doorway would have been accessed by some sort of removable stairs. Almost unique to Ireland, it’s thought the towers might have numbered about 120. Many are now in ruins but about 18-20 are are still in great condition. This one can be found in Killala, Co. mayo.

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17 thoughts on “BELOW

    1. I’d never realised that they were almost exclusively Irish – although once I thought about it, I’d never seen one anywhere else.

  1. I’ve just looked Round Towers up on Wikipedia and am surprised how much there was to read. Fascinating structures, aren’t they? Although I’ve seen some, my interest was never piqued enough to research them, now I’ve got a whole new field to enquire about when I’m next in Ireland.

    1. They are interesting – of course we were all raised on the story that they were built as a defense against the Vikings. They might have offered some security but were primarily bell towers and power symbols probably…

  2. I thought this was so interesting when we saw it in the Wicklow’s. Wasn’t quite sure how they accessed it so thanks for filling in that blank. Bernie

      1. Maybe because people are awe struck and are more silent than usual. I just don’t recall hearing much conversation and yet there were people about.

  3. The funny thing about looking up from the foot of the round tower is that, depending on the direction of the clouds, it creates the optical illusion that the tower is either falling on us or falling in front of us.

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