A new year, so a new challenge. Well, at least for me. Mama Cormier has been hosting this for a while and it caught my eye during the year.

It’s funny how a new challenge makes one look at photos in a whole new way.

Take this one for instance….

…..It’s really useful – maybe Silent Sunday/Wordless Wednesday/ Colour Blue / Pull up a Seat – yes that’s where you saw it…….

And now it works for Thursday trios!

So am I going to cheat and recycle photos from previous challenges?


These are my first trios….

A familiar scene – Monument Valley (2015)

Less familiar – Courthouse Towers, Arches NP (2019)

Closer to home – The Three Sisters, County Kerry, Ireland (2020)

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16 thoughts on “THURSDAY TRIOS

    1. Funny you should say that Alison – I set out a few days back, browsing through my photos, assuming I’d find loads of trios… Not nearly as many as expected. I’ve enough to keep me going for a while but must start looking when I’m out and about…

  1. I very much love your first photo Marie – I think I’ve seen the same blue coloured benches on the drive around Loop Head in County Clare – it’s one of the places I look forward to returning to this year 🙂 Wishing you and yours a safe, healthy, and prosperous new year! Aiva xx

  2. Love the photo from Arches NP in particular – epitomises why I like the US western states so much 😀 This seems a great idea for a challenge. I’m tied up still doing my ‘favourites of 2021’ for LAC this week but I’ve noted it to maybe have a go in future 🙂

    1. I’d LOVE another trip to that part of the US… and a few days in NYC to finish off!!! I wonder when…….
      You’re full on this week with your ‘favourites’ but I think this challenge would suit you…..

  3. Great selection but I’m not even going to try! I got a whole heap of books for Christmas and I’m determined to do more reading this year. I already read a lot but sometimes I let the computer take over my days and I hate myself for it when I look at the books still piled up! Your first pictures, of course, is a real winner.

    1. Yes – the computer can definitely eat into your free time if you don’t watch it – and the past 2 years haven’t helped! You’re right to prioritise your reading Mari

  4. Welcome Marie to Thursday Trios. Your selection of trios is excellent and I’m glad you’ve decided to join us. I love them all but I’m particularly drawn to the Irish landscape. My husband and I are hoping to get back to Ireland some time this year. Fingers crossed. Carol

    1. Thank you Carol – Looking forward to rooting out lots of trios for you.
      Hope you make it back here – quite handy with direct flights from Toronto.

    1. That whole stretch of coastline is gorgeous…
      Anita do you have a problem with viewing my post? Mari from Maristravels is having trouble and I don’t know if it’s me or her….

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