This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is WEATHER

Ah – weather!!! I was all set for my usual rant about Irish weather – and PLENTY of photos to support my case….

but then I thought……

Where’s the challenge in that!!!

So, determined to start the year on a positive note(!!!), here’s a selection from an Ireland with blue skies ……

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15 thoughts on “WEATHER

    1. Ha – the bigger problem is how unreliable the weather is! Can’t plan for anything!!
      Have you any difficulty with my post Sarah? Mari has trouble and I haven’t a clue….

  1. I’m still having trouble with your posts arriving with me in a very enlarged format and I cannot reduce it in size. However, I find that if I copy and paste the article URL into my browser, then I can view it in its correct format. Any ideas on this? It only happens with your posts.

    1. Oh dear – is that still going on Mari – it must be at my end…. I’ll have to get someone to have a look – I know I said that before…

  2. Wow, Ireland with blue skies is the stuff that dreams are made of, especially in January when you don’t really get to see one bit of it. Fantastic photos, Marie 🙂

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