This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is HERITAGE

A dip into Irish Heritage…….

Where to begin!! And end!!



Folklore and Legend

Sporting Rivalry

Food ….

….and drink!


Anglo Norman








Traditional Crafts and Skills


The Landscape….

…..and Seascape

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19 thoughts on “HERITAGE

  1. Wonderful post, although how you managed to restrict yourself to one photo for each ‘theme’ is beyond me! I love that Georgian door and the coastal scenery, and that quote from Oscar Wilde is one of my favourites – it’s on the sculpture of him by St Martin in the Fields and I always pause to say hello in passing 🙂 Oh, and of course the Guinness is also a favourite!!

    1. I know!!! I’d loads of options – I’m tempted to do a longer piece some time…. Even just picking one Oscar Wilde quote was a struggle!!

  2. You’ve covered it all I think although maybe you could have thrown in Irish humour which definitely has the edge on other country’s humour) and maybe poets should have been included? I know poets are part of literature but I think they deserve a separate column.

    1. Mari!! I had to stop!!! There was SO much to choose from once I got started! As I mentioned there to Sarah, there’s definitely a longer blog post in it. You’re right about the poets, and the humour and then there’s the chat, and the handcrafts and the farming and fishing and, and…..

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