30 thoughts on “NAMIBIAN TRIOS!

    1. It’s way up there among the top places we’ve visited. I can’t recall a whole lot about the flora there – that’s your special interest of course – but the animal diversity there is amazing…

      1. I’d have to have a reference book to identify both the flora and fauna, I think! It is incredible that such a dry place has so much diversity. Did you go as far as the Etosha National Park? I’d love to visit the Park.

      2. We spent 2 full days in Etosha!!! Loved every minute. At the entrance, we bought a pamphlet for a few dollars – it had pictures of all the animals, birds…. so we could tick them off as we spotted them – absolutely brilliant!

      3. Oh lucky you! It must have Ben a wonderful experience for you! Way, way back in my past I met a friend of a friend of mine who was based in Etosha for a while doing research. She had really interesting stories to tell. Unfortunately I still have not been there for a visit.

    1. AS far as I know, Namibia is the only country in Africa in which you can self-drive through the ‘safari’ parks. We were there for 2 weeks but not as part of a group – we spent a few days in the game reserve region…

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