13 thoughts on “EVEN!

      1. The arches are stunning aren’t they – that’s Muscat – The other you mention is in Pula, Croatia…. Glad you enjoyed, Alison. XXXMarie

  1. What an imagination you have! Not just for taking the pictures but for remembering that you have them! Great examples of Even and I take my hat off to you – metaphorically that is.

    1. I wish I wish!!! Thank you Mari for you’re generous praise!! In this case I came across the roof photo while looking for something else. So decided I’d go down that route – I remembered the American fence all right so hunted that one out and then had to start trawling for a few others….. even now I’m looking at some of them and wondering where on earth I took them!!!!

    1. Thank you Janet – the mill is somewhere in Virginia maybe….. Then it’s Pula and Muscat – And as for the tiles!!!! well…might be Oman also….

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