X marks the spot or the letter X! I thought it would be easier!!

But this is what I’ve come up with…..

X in Engineering

X in Mountain Roads

X in Field Boundaries

X in Reflection

X in Religion

X in Exteriors

X in Interiors

X in Furniture

X in the Garden

X in Time

X in Everyday Practicalities

X in Water

X in Cuteness!!!!!

X in Art

And …. last but not least…

X in Cool Destinations!!


Link to Cee’s Photo Challenge here

19 thoughts on “CMMC – FEBRUARY ALPHABET (X)

  1. I think you’ve done really well to find so many Xs, I’m sure I would struggle with this one! I love the way the trees in the reflection shot make your Xs and the symmetry of the garden shot 🙂

    1. The hardest part was time – Usually for challenges, I can whizz through photos until something catches my eye – especially a specific colour, shape etc. I had to slow down for this and really look …. XXXMarie

      1. I can imagine! I usually do the same but would have to take my time over this for sure – they don’t all leap out at you. But that’s the fun!

    1. The reflection is from Namibia. The clocks from Camden Town and Savannah! Great challenge Thank You Cee – really enjoyed it. XXXMarie

    1. Thank you Maggie – Namibia – on the grounds of a lodge we stayed in for a night or two..can’t for the life of me remember whether it was morning or evening.

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