This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is TALL

I really liked this one for the theme…. wondering what he was looking up at….

….until my other half suggested he might be looking at something up in the sky – making it high rather than tall!! What a killjoy!!!

So just to be sure I’ve added this – one of our beautiful early Christian round towers. There are still about 65 or so scattered around Ireland but not all in as good a condition as this one at Glendalough, Co. Wicklow.

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15 thoughts on “TALL!

  1. I’m always happy to see that good old roundtower of Glendalough again, how many times it was the destination of the weekend daytrip out of Dublin through the Wicklow Mountains. Like a condensed version of Ireland.

    1. Ah … Many’s the Sunday afternoon – My dad loved Glendalough – so early dinner, in the car by 2.30ish – at least an hour’s drive – a bit of a walk – and an Ice-cream…. Nowadays I have the good fortune to be able to visit during the week when it’s not so busy….

      1. I understand. Weekdays today must be like weekends used to be and weekends today are like … tourist hell. But it must be good to get away from the valley on the hiking trail where are the wild goats to find some serenity.

      2. On a nice summer’s weekend it can be chaotic!! Parking is a nightmare – not tho mention that narrow access road! But you’re right – once you get on the trail it’s just gorgeous….

  2. They both work well for me, Marie. I like the mystery of the first one.
    And I love that tower – it looks quite separate from the graveyard with such a distinct and unusual, to my eyes, style.

    1. I believe that apart from 2 in Scotland, and 1 on the Isle of Man, the towers are exclusive to Ireland. They would have been attached to monasteries. We were all brought up to believe they were for protecting the monastic treasures from the Vikings – which may well be the case – but they also served as a belfry and definitely a status symbol… And as a location marker also for monasteries such as this one, in a remote valley….

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