Memphis, August, 2018 – A visit to Gus’s for that famous fried chicken!

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12 thoughts on “PULL UP A SEAT PHOTO CHALLENGE 2022

  1. Gus may be world famous but I confess I hadn’t heard of him. However if ever I find myself in Memphis (and I do hope to one day!) I will be sure to seek him out, and his chicken 🙂

    1. I hadn’t either….Best chicken ever?? Well I’m not a fried chicken expert.. it was fine but nothing exceptional But I liked the diner….

  2. Fried chicken is something I never buy because I can’t stand chicken skin and the chicken is invariably cooked with skin-on. I have been known though, to buy it sometimes and painstakingly remove all the skin, just to get the spicy breadcrumb coating. Gus seems to have found the recipe for good coatings judging by your contented expression!

    1. I LOVE chicken skin! It doesn’t even have to be seasoned – I’d strip and gobble the whole lot from a roasted chicken if it’s not rescued by someone else in the kitchen… Having said that, I rarely have fried chicken… Speaking of which – I hope your carb free regime is going well Mari!!!!

    1. Ah No!!! Is it the ‘fried’ bit or the ‘chicken’ bit? I’ll have to start hunting down healthier options when I’m away!! There’s so much in Memphis – between the history and the music … and the river of course…

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