The Honourable Gwendolen Fairfax, Athens and being careful what you wish for!!

So it’s June 21st and the first day of vacation and I haven’t yet weaned myself off the phone! I’m idling at the airport, scrolling through stuff and stop – yes – of course – on HopsSkipsandJumps!! ( I don’t actually read it very often to be honest! )

So I’m having my Gwendolen moment –

MUST I explain??


The Honourable Gwendolen Fairfax is one of the main characters in Oscar Wilde’s wonderful The Importance of Being Earnest. She has some great lines but one of her best must be…

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train.

So here I am – almost 130 years later – with my blog and an aeroplane!

But the sentiment doesn’t change, does it!

I find myself reading (sensationally of course!!) about last summer’s staycation in Mayo. It was a brilliant trip – but after one particularly dismal day, I made an oath …..

 I vow that if I ever get to leave this country again I’ll never, ever moan about being too hot – ever!

And the punchline?

We arrive into Athens to temperatures of 34-36 degrees and I can’t breathe …..

……and I think back to that misty evening in Mayo…..

18 thoughts on “The Honourable Gwendolen Fairfax, Athens and being careful what you wish for!!

    1. It’s been a long time since we were in such conditions. Thankfully, we’d an Airbnb right in the centre of Athens so could come and go as much as we pleased – short forays to see the sights rather than whole day treks!

  1. Here we’ve been complaining for weeks that summer’s too cold, too dull and way too windy. But just a day or two ago a heatwave arrived, and we’re already moaning that it’s way, way too hot!

    Hope you had a great time in Athens, despite the heat.

    1. When we arrived back into Dublin on Friday night I couldn’t believe the wave of dead heat that greeted us at the airport – I honestly never experienced the like of it here before. And of course everyone I’ve been speaking to since is complaining!!!

      1. No prob – all my fault – I dropped off the WordPress grid for a few weeks which extended into months! So only catching up on comments this week. XXXMarie

  2. I lost you for a while! Dunno what happens with WP sometimes! I lived in Athens for six years. Going to bed in summer was like lying on freshly ironed sheets!😂

    1. I’d love to spend an extended time there – it had been 40 years since our last visit!! We enjoyed our few days despite the temperatures.. XXXMarie

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