The bags are packed, the fridge emptied and the neighbours alerted – we’re heading to Greece tomorrow. We were last there in 1982!! We’ve a little bit more money in the pocket this time so can actually afford a bed, bathroom and lunch EVERY day!!! That’s not the only change of course – no more drachmas – and no more sun lotion factor 2 (imagine the damage that did to Irish skin!!!) We’re sticking with the mainland – renting a car and ticking off a bit of the bucket list – Peloponnese, Delphi, Meteora…..

I usually schedule a few posts – challenges mostly – when I’m away but not this time. I’m ‘taking a break’ as they say, for the next few weeks at least, so apologies, in advance, for not responding to your own posts and comments.

Meanwhile, Have a wonderful summer y’all and happy blogging!


Tom, Athens, 1982!!

Yours Truly! Santorini, 1982!

28 thoughts on “SLÁN! SLÁN! SLÁN!

      1. I’ll bet! It’s been on and off our list for this trip – with the B (Brexit) word, it’s difficult to keep popping back into the EU. We’ll het there one day! I shall look forward to seeing some piccies!

  1. Oh, enjoy! Greece, islands r Mainland, is a fabulous place. Maybe find a spot to create modern day versions of those photos?

    1. Great idea Helen – although looking at Tom there, I hope that people are now banned from climbing and sitting on such treasures!!!😖😅

    1. I can’t believe how much there is to see in the Peloponnese alone!! I’d no idea! We’ll need a holiday after it all!!!

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