This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is HOLE/WHOLE

This is Hell’s Hole up at Malin Head – the most northerly point of mainland Ireland. The walking trail along the coast passes the 30m deep ravine – you’ll actually hear the roar of the tide before you see anything.

I found only one story – rather tragic for light Sunday reading but here goes…..

A man was crab fishing when he saw a mermaid combing her hair on the rocks. Falling in love, he set out to catch her. He threw his shark skin crab bag over her head and, during the struggle, her tail fell off. Now with just legs and feet, she was confined to land. He took her home and hid the tail. They had two children, a boy and a girl. One day, the boy came across the tail. His mother took it from him and went back into the sea, never to be seen again. The children followed her and were drowned. The distraught father threw himself into Hell’s Hole in grief.

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