This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is WAIT

Waiting for the main event!

Bob Dylan / Neil Young Concert, Ireland, 2019.

Dylan, I’m sorry to report, was disappointing – but only because I like a singsong so his rearrangements weren’t to my taste! Young, however, was brilliant!

17 thoughts on “WAIT!

    1. It was our first time to see him live, so we really wanted to hear our favourites – which we did – but just didn’t recognise them!!!😖😖😅

    1. Circa 30,000 there I think Janet… Because we live in Dublin, we’ve pretty much everything on our doorstep but this was in Kilkenny city – about 90 minutes away – so added to the occasion for us…

  1. I’ve never seen either Neil Young or Dylan live so I’m a bit envious, although I know what you mean about rearrangements. I guess musicians get bored repeating the same songs over and over, and want to mix things up a bit. Or they get a good idea about how they could have done an old song differently. But at a concert I do think most people in the audience want to hear and recognise their favourites, whether or not they want to sing along.

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