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  1. 👍👌✌ spectral doors



    1. I’d a batch of photos from 2020 for some blog piece or other – I was delighted last night to discover I’d the 7 colours – or near enough!!!😅

    1. That one, as I recall, was in a different part of town – I’m almost certain that I was on the lookout for purple/lilac for another challenge at the time!!

    1. Well – originally all the doors were black!! So your drunk dude would certainly have had his work cut out trying to identify his own gaff after a night on the town!!

    1. Most of these are in and around the main squares – but I’ve seen the narrower doors in Dublin also – the houses on the side streets were for traders and professionals rather than the gentry so would not have been so fine…

    1. Many of the houses in this part of town were taken over by professionals – law, accountancy, etc… There were similar houses elsewhere – even finer than these in many cases – which were turned in to tenement buildings..

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