2022 – If ever there was a Year of Two Halves!

By January, 2022, we’d already ventured a few times from this island of ours post-Covid and, having lived to tell the tale, were feeling confident enough to hit the road (or the airport to be specific!) running as it were and more than ready to make up for lost time….

As usual, we’d no blueprint for the months ahead but that never bothers us – our travel plans generally just evolve as the year progresses….

January – Belfast

Just 2 hours up the road, I know, but always enjoyable……

February / March- England

A few days in Cambridge and then back to London for a catch up with family and friends (but did manage to squeeze in a theatre visit and locate the Line Sculpture Trail).

March – Wexford

A mini staycation in Ireland’s south east….

April – Kilkenny

We actually found ourselves in Kilkenny several times this year – but that’s never a problem!

April/May -Cyprus

We’d visited Cyprus just the previous autumn but left knowing there was so much more we’d like to see – in particular we wanted to spend time in Northern Cyprus..

June – London

Back to London for a Theatre Break – Ralph Fiennes in Straight Line Crazy and last minute tickets for Mark Ryance in Jerusalem

June – Greece

40 years – almost to the month – since our last visit!! No island hopping this time, but a fantastic road trip from Athens, through the Peloponnese and on up to Delphi, Meteora, Thessaloniki and beyond….

July/ August – Borneo

Finally leaving Europe for the first time since pre Covid – A jungle adventure and a few lazy days in the sun

We interspersed our homeward flight(s)’ bingefest of back-to-back movies with speculation on future trips. There were a few plans in the offing – the annual October family golf junket for himself in Malaga, a German city break with pals in late November and the big one – that Covid-postponed trip to South Africa at the end of December…… but maayybbeeeee the budget might just stretch to somewhere in October – all was good….

How much we take for granted!

Our world imploded at the end of August with Tom’s emergency crisis following a very routine medical procedure.

Our traipsing came to a sudden and shocking halt and travel plans were snuffed out in a tic – replaced with hospitalisation, tests, consultants and rehab.

Now – some 4 months later and facing into a new year – things are looking ok and we are quietly optimistic about the future.

In recent weeks, we have actually ventured out of our own county (sounds like Covid doesn’t it!) and even managed two overnighters – but haven’t dared check out Skyscanner and Booking.com yet!

And my New Year message to you all……..


Best Wishes and Happy Travels to all in 2023

XXXX Marie

34 thoughts on “2022 – If ever there was a Year of Two Halves!

  1. What a fantastic year of travel for you in the end Marie. Sorry to hear of Tom’s medical crisis, we’ve had similar issues also with Anthony
    Didn’t it feel good to fly again though and how did our perceptions of travel change!
    Wonderful gallery

    1. Such a shock certainly puts things in perspective doesn’t it Alison…. but you’re right – it’s great to be on the move – by our last flight we were pros again!
      Best wishes to you and yours for 2023. XXXMarie

  2. A lively year Marie, with much variety in your travel experiences. It all looks great, though for me Borneo particularly captures the imagination. You’re right, carpe diem is the way to go because we really have no idea what’s around the corner. Happy New Year!

    1. Covid had already taught me to seize the day but now – I won’t waste a minute!

      Best wishes and Happy Travels and Blogging for 2023!

  3. I’m glad things are looking positive after Tom’s medical emergency. You’re so right, all of us who can should seize any opportunity to travel, or to do whatever else excites us and gives us pleasure – especially when we can share that with a special person in our lives 🙂

  4. Oh Marie, I’m so sorry to hear of Tom’s crisis – I hope he is making a good recovery. Your advice of doing things while you can is just so important. After my medical dramas last year I’ve just gone for it this year and travelled lots – I hope 2023 can be the same for you and Tom. My thoughts and best wishes for 2023, Hannah xx

    1. Thank you Hannah – I noticed all your trips during the year – you were coming and going quite a bit….I hope you’ve plenty more in store – unless you broke the bank in 2022! Best wishes for 2023. XXXMarie

    1. Thank you Maggie – we’ve had a shock to be sure but it looks like he’s weathered the storm. Hopefully we’ll be on the move again within the next few months… Best wishes to yourself and Richard for 2023 XXXMarie

    1. Ah thank you Keith – hopefully we’ll have some new travel tales for you later this year! Meanwhile, all the best to you for 2023. XXXMarie

  5. What a great year of travel. I enjoyed following you through your adventures. I wish you a wonderful Happy New Year, full of interesting travels.

    1. That’s for sure! Covid was already a wakeup call but a health scare on top of it has really spurred me on… once we get the all clear, we’re out of here!

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