This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is SECURE

1. Fixed or fastened so as not to give way, become loose or be lost…..

Not so obvious from the distance…

….but the thatch is well tied down.

(Kilmore Quay, County Wexford, Ireland)

2. Certain to remain safe and unthreatened

Those early Christians knew all about security……

(Monastic settlement, Skellig Michael, County Kerry)

(Round Towers were accessed by ladder)

3. To get hold or possession of; procure; obtain….

Happy to say I’ve secured my ticket for Bruce!!

Link to One Word Sunday at Debbie’s  here

6 thoughts on “SECURE!

    1. That happens to me all the time Jackie!!! I see someone’s post and know exactly which photos I could have used if I’d come up with their idea first!!😅 😂

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