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    1. Ah lucky you! We were only there once but really liked it. You’ll see when reading up on the city that one of the big attractions is the famous patios of Cordoba. There is one part of town in particular which you will be visiting and, depending on what’s open, you can have a peep around several courtyards that are open to the public. We were just wandering about that area when we came across this sculpture. Plaza de Manuel Garrido I think …..

      1. We were there in August and still got a lovely sense of the patios so you’ll still enjoy… and you’re right – there’s lots to see…..

    1. Thanks Mitch – something poignant about it I feel. The older man handing up the pots – I’m sure the roles were reversed with the child helping out his grandad when he was more able….

  1. Perfect sculpture for the theme Hand. I noticed that you had a photo of a Stik artwork in the sidebar. On our last trip to London we spent two days looking for works by Stik but we never came across that one. Can you tell me where it is so we can check it out next time we’re there.

    1. Well spotted! We were there last week so I haven’t managed to post anything yet. We were walking around Shoreditch and came across the piece in Hoxton Square.

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