It doesn’t matter HOW spectacular the location is, or HOW lucky I should feel, I’m a real moan when it comes to steps – here are a few flights I whinged about at the time….

Where’s the handrail!!!! Skellig Michael, 618 steps …….

Bom Jesus do Monte, Braga – I look despondent already but true pilgrims went up the 577 zigzagging steps on their knees of course.

Starting up the 300 steps to one of the monasteries of Meteora. Thankfully, the man ahead of us wasn’t exactly setting a blistering pace!

The Pyramid at Teotihuacan – a mere 248 steps – but STEEP!

Another pyramid – Xunantunich this time

You go on up, Tom – I’ll wait here and take the shot!!! Theatre of Epidaurus

This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is FLIGHT

19 thoughts on “FLIGHT

  1. Oh, you and me both – I’m glad I’m not alone! I do sometimes opt out, I confess, and let Chris go up alone and share photos later.

  2. Steep flights all right. Pretty sure there are a couple on I would have been freaking out about the risk of falling into the ocean.

    1. Skellig Michael wasn’t great coming down! Luckily we timed it so didn’t meet anyone and there was no one behind us to hold up so could manage it at our own pace….

    1. I did indeed Coral! Actually I ‘ve just remembered the worst of all – it was in Tikal years ago. Tom and Stephen headed up a really steep but safe flight at the side of a pyramid. I decided I was pathetic and went up after them. The climb was fine but the stairs opened on to a narrow enough ledge – which was packed with visitors. I couldn’t stay at the top of the stairs so had to sidle out onto the ledge. I just froze – I’m getting goosebumps now just thinking of it! I don’t know how they got me to move back onto the steps – needless to say, that was the end of my climbing on that holiday!!!

  3. Your last comment reminds me of the time of went to the top of St. Mark’s in Venice and did exactly as you did, I froze. My husband and friend had to physically lift me away from the platform and to the top of the stairs. That was the first time vertigo hit me and I didn’t realize I would have it for many years. Then in Epidaurus I got near the top and turned round ……….. OMG, I was petrified. Again, I had to be physically moved from the spot. Now vertigo is no longer a problem but arthritis in knees and hips is! At least I know not to attempt anything now.

    1. You’re like myself – feel you should do it all when you’re in a new place. It’s when you turn around isn’t it!! It’s only then you realise how steep it is! I’m quite happy to go down on my bottom nowadays – don’t care who’s held up behind me!! Once the joints go though – that’s the game changer isn’t it… I was very conscious of it in Greece last summer – we seemed to spend the time either climbing or on uneven surfaces – we’re ok so far but the day will definitely come when all those sites are ruled out for us…. So no big flights of steps for your upcoming trip to Italy Mari!!! You’ll just have to sit at the bottom and sample the vino instead!!

      1. Hoping I’ll make it to the top of the amphitheatre in Verona where we’ve booked seats for the opera (the ‘affordable’ ones right at the top). I know there’s no lift but I’m hoping there may be an easier way up rather than the steps.

  4. Steps are quite a sensitive subject for anyone who suffers from knee problems. Let’s just hope there’s a rail to hang on to when needed.

    1. Yes!! Knees beginning to cause problems here so I’ve that to look forward to! So far, I’m fine but I really like the security of a rail regardless…. Skellig Michael was the trickiest – I DID NOT like coming down!

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