Just home from the lovely Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin City centre. This is one of the event spaces which was conveniently empty as I passed by! (BTW – Went to see the Vermeer Exhibition Movie – Lucky, lucky you if you managed to get a ticket for the real deal in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)

This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is COLOURFUL

10 thoughts on “COLOURFUL (ADDENDUM)

    1. I was literally walking down the steps and remembered today’s challenge! And it was crowded on the way out so didn’t look nearly so well!

  1. What a lovely photo and how clever of you to think of this weeks’ theme when you jmind must have been full of Vermeer’s pictures! Looks like a gorgeous place, too.

  2. I will also have to pass on the Vermeer exhibition. That will teach me to pay attention to the Rijksmuseum’s early announcing emails

    1. You really have to move quickly on the major exhibitions and shows don’t you. And of course more and more people are happy to jump on a plane so it’s not just local residents snapping up all the tickets…

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