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    1. It was a great experience – this is one of the few National Parks (if not the only one) in Africa where you can self drive so we’d total control over our time there …

    1. 😅 😂 🤣 – speaking of…. that’s where I made my millions – one of my first jobs was in Penneys (where Primark began!) I worked there on Saturdays from 9.00-6.00 for the princely sum of £2 total. Of course I spent most of the £2 in the shop before I headed home!!

      1. Then we have a connection….they were a long standing customer of mine while I was running my business, both Penneys across Ireland and Primark in the UK. When I started working with them, there was only about a dozen Primarks but they soon went into rapid expansion. The best bit was, I got to go to Dublin twice a year for review meetings, which was always fun.

      2. It’s almost 50 years since I worked there (can’t believe it!!) and the company is still going strong – stronger actually when you take in its global expansion… Meanwhile I pass my branch at least once a week and smile – it has updated a lot of course but it’s still the same shop to me!!

  1. Nice to have such a lovely picture. When I was at the waterhole in Kenya, way back in the 70s, we were discouraged from taking any pictures as the owner of the lodge said said that the clicking of the cameras disturbed the beasts and also that they detected movement above them. I not sure if I believed him or not, but I did what I was asked and took no photos, but perhaps I then concentrated more on the experience, who knows! But I have nothing to remind me of that lovely dawn.

    1. You’re certainly right about concentrating on the experience rather than the camera but it sounds a bit severe doesn’t…. I’m sure a few photos from the distance wouldn’t upset the animals…

    1. Fascinating to watch – the zebra, deer, etc were happily enjoying the water when the elephants arrived en masse and took over… and they weren’t interested in sharing either!!

      1. They sell coloured booklets at the entrance to the park – about €4 – with pictures and names of all the wildlife which you can tick off as you spot them — the best €4 ever spent!!

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