This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is TWO… I’ve been trawling back through photos and can actually put together a selection that reflects my 2023 to date (many used already in previous bogs) …. hope you enjoy…

Botanic Gardens, Dublin (Feb)

Ely (Feb)

London (Feb)

St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin (March)

Morocco (April)

Hotel Break (May)

Quito (June)

Otavala Market(June)

Galapagos (June)

And – finally – I’m NOT going to keep harping on about it – it’s just Debbie’s fault for picking 2!!

…. my 2 fractures, Galapagos (June, July, August…..😭)

Happy Sunday Y’all

20 thoughts on “TWO

  1. How long did it take you trawling through your photos, I wonder, to find such an eclectic selection of duos? Brilliant. Keep the foot up and the spirits flowing – or the wine if you prefer – to ease the pain of the fractures!

    1. Actually didn’t take long at all – I was settling down for a long search but found the St. Patrick’s day photos and decided to work around that!🍷 🍷

  2. Great idea to use the prompt to reflect on your year, and what a lot of ‘twos’ you found! I love the two boobies the most I think. A shame you had such an unpleasant two to include – I do hope the breaks are starting to mend OK?

    1. I love these challenges – you never know what you’ll find until you start looking and actually focus on a theme…. XXXXMarie

    1. Thanks Anita – getting a bit stronger but still not putting any weight on leg… Tom will definitely need a holiday after this!!

  3. ouch! hope you are fully recovered. I enjoy searching through my photo library with Debbie’s prompts- you never know what will turn up. Although ‘3’ was not so forthcoming. You have a real interesting selection of images here. The botanic gardens sculpture – love the expressions. The crabs are delightful too. 🙂 Caryl

    1. Ha – thanks Caryl… improving a bit every day I think … I love searching for challenges too – I’m picking out my ‘3’s as we speak…. The Botanic Gdn piece is particularly nice because we got an unusually good February day – definitely not typical Dublin weather!

    1. Ha!!! The most important pedicure I ever had!!! I mis-stepped getting into a dinghy and turned on my foot – broke the ankle and the metatarsal on the side of the foot. Still in a boot but starting physio tomorrow . XXXMarie

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