18 thoughts on “CMMC – July Alphabet (2 M’s)

    1. Ah thank you – I’m not a huge fan of symmetry but the mosque was something else – I think mostly because of the clean lines and sense of space.

  1. A great selection and all fit the brief perfectly of course 🙂 My favourites are the hammocks in Belize and the mosque in Muscat. The latter brings back good memories of our own visit!

    1. I love the look of hammocks but rarely indulge – I can get in alright but can never extract myself with any elegance!!!!!

    1. Thanks Aiva – many of them have been regularly recycled for different challenges!
      The 2 bones have held in place so, short of a disaster, it looks like I’ll avoid surgery. I’m just beginning to put a bit of weight on the boot. I’m starting physio next week so looking forward to settling into some sort of recovery programme… Still very restricted and the weather isn’t helping of course – not even getting out to sit in the garden for any length of time… We’re feeling particularly sorry for ourselves this week because we should be on our road trip in Turkey – ah well…. Are you able to tour with the baby?

      1. I’m sorry about your cancelled trip to Turkey, my heart goes out to you, especially when the weather in Ireland is what it is 🙈 thanks for asking – we just came back from a 12-day camping trip around Wales and we loved it. Our 9 months old baby slept better in a tent, it must have been the fresh air 😊 take care. Wishing you a speedy recovery 🥰🥰🥰

      2. Thanks Aiva –
        Glad you managed to get away – I remember camping in France when Stephen was turning one – the amount of stuff we had to bring!!! Wales is lovely isn’t it – although you need decent weather there to take full advantage…

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